Strain Review: Black Orchid (smalls) by Wonderbrett

Black Orchid (smalls) by @wonderbrett

Lineage/Genetics: Gelato x OG Kush (1996 cut)

Original Breeder: Wonderbrett

Grower: Wonderbrett

Black Orchid smalls Review

black orchid smalls by wonderbrett strain review by christianlovescannabis 2@wonderbrett killed this packaging! It was one of the first reasons why I was drawn to this pack. The second being the lineage of Black Orchid. I’m expecting some gas and some power. Let’s get into it!

Like I expected, I’m punched in the face with gassy terps as soon as the bag is opened. I’m also getting a strong rubber smell. Reminds me of waking into Les Schwab. Notes of gelato candy, floral perfume and wintergreen are also present. Even for smalls these nugs are trimmed and cured perfectly. Super sticky and makes that perfect “Snap” sound upon breaking up the buds.

Black Orchid’s parents are two of my favorites and I couldn’t wait to taste it. Let’s start with the #raw paper for this one. The main terpene profile I experienced while smoking my joint was this fresh floral flavor. I wrote down baby powder because that’s where my mind went first. The back end flavor was more on the earthy gassy end of the spectrum. The heat wand brought out the OG earthy peppery tones, followed by a sweet creamy candy like exhale. The hemp wick had a very nice mix of the other two methods. Earthy, skunky, baby powder and gas all in one. I used mostly the hemp wick for this strain. I wanted to try and savor as many flavorful hits as I could.

The high or effects I experienced while smoking Black Orchid were heavy. Straight power smoke for me. I’m not surprised because when the two parent strains alone are grown right, they’ll put you out too. Heavy head and body high perfect for lazy Sundays or trying to unwind after a hard day. @wonderbrett you guys kill it!! 🔥🤘🏽🔥🤘🏽

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