Strain Review: Blue NeonZ by Greasy Couture

Blue NeonZ Top Tier

Type High : Head High , Sedate High ,
Body High

Bred By : Greasy Couture @greasycouture

Hunted By : @greasycouture

Selection Cut By : @greasycouture

Brand : @greasycouture

Grower : Greasy Couture @greasycouture

Media : Veganic

Lineage : Z-41 x O.G.Z28

Via By: @greasycouture

Blue NeonZ Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

blue neonz by greasy couture strain review by fear.the.terps 2

Flavors : Candy Pineapple ๐Ÿ , Z on the front end, hints of fruits , finishing with a zkittlez candy on the exhale

Aroma : Candy Pineapple Bubble Gum , famous world known Zkittez notes , fruit , Bubble Gum notes

Conclusion : Pineapple Bubble gum , with Zkittlez notes ! I always love Z-41 it had that Pineapple Z candy notes . Her daughter has same traits but with bubble gum added ! You always wanted try some pineapple bubble gum Zkittlez flavors well Blue NeonZ is the one โ˜๏ธ for you ! If ya love candy ๐Ÿญ this one is for you with a twist.

This pheno doesnโ€™t carry over og flavors is more Zkittlez flavors, This pineapple ๐Ÿ bubble gum is something amazing and addictive to smoke ! So tasty you just wanna keep smoking it ! Greasy Couture Told me he reversed his female Mendoja Z-41 cut into his Mendoja O.G.Z28 cut so you know they elite coming from Mendoja Farms , O.G.Z28 won the ego clash in 2021 and will be in the emerald cup this year ! .

She hit hard with that pineapple bubblegum like smoothie flavor on the backend . Blue NeonZ as has a sister called NeonZ . But back to the Blue NeonZ she does have a kick to her and she only a month cure so she still fresh . The kick is coming either from the OG kush or the Gelato 41 . Either one going pack a kick ๐Ÿฆต to anything you cross with them two plants . I just love tasting different tasty strains with a kick to it it also taste like pineapple sweet tart from the candy flavor . This definitely one my favorite to smoke as well .

blue neonz by greasy couture strain review by fear.the.terps ash color

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