Strain Review: Boston Cream Pie by Infamous Farms

Boston Cream Pie – @infmsfarms

Nose: Mildly gassy earth aromas with sweet cake and pine smells. A bit fruity/citrus as well.
Inhale: Sweet notes of earth, pine, light citrus, creamy and coffee cake.
Exhale: Earthy cake notes followed with a pine and woody flavors.

Lineage/Genetics: Georgia Pie x Project 4516

Original Breeder: Lit Farms

Grower: INFMS Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Bostom Cream Pie Strain Review

boston cream pie by infms farms strain review by toptierterpsma 2Hey what’s up everyone Happy Friday and we have a special one for you today! The Red Sox officially kick off the ALCS and I had to get in touch with my boy @cali_connectin with Infamous Farms for the Boston Cream Pie. This one will be a favorite for those of you who enjoy the cake strains that a punch. Let’s get into the details!

The packaging I thought was pretty cool and made me hungry for some dessert. I had high hopes this bud would be on the gassy side packed with notes of dessert. The spin-off Red Sox logo in the corner of then caught my caught my eye too as I am an avid baseball fan too!

When I opened the packaging a variety of fresh odors smacked me in the face. These included mild notes of cake, citrus, pine, and earth. The buds were dense but a little on the smaller side as compared to most of the stuff we’ve already reviewed. Additionally, the buds did have a stick to them (not quite stick to your fingers) and I noticed a little residue in the bag from that. The buds themselves were an iridescent light green loaded with white triches and evenly wrapped around with orange pistils. I didn’t think this bud caught my eye at first glimpse but this certainly grew on me with time. Reminds me of a lot of the bud we would get in my college and high school days.

Overall Rating 8.5/10

When I lit up the Boston Cream Pie in an Organic RAW I was instantaneously hit with a smooth, dessert-like taste (no, not similar to the QB cannoli). This was followed a multitude of flavors including coffee cake, fruit, pine, and light citrus. For the most part, I drew hard and heavy pulls on this. On the way out, the exhale retained the sweet coffee cake notes which were trailed by a taste of pine and moss. Additionally, the exhale struck me as a bit woody. The burn was smooth, even, and went at a tolerable pace. I noticed the res ring we’ve been seeing was vacant and the ash was fairly light grey that turned white about a 1/4 way in. Personally, the flavor retention was the most surprising part of this smoke as I was still pulling these gassy flavors damn near down to the clip.

The high was sedating and made me feel a bit drowsy. I noticed a heavy pressure behind my eyes about a 1/3 of the way in and I was stuck. This didn’t last long and eventually turned into an immense appetite. I did walk this one off to keep me fresh as I had plans later in the evening but I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for a good night inside the house. This would be a strong, gassy smoke for the intermediate smokers out there looking to get crippled.

Overall, another quality sample from the guys over at Infamous Farms. As mentioned on our previous post, these guys are creating shockwaves both on the East and West coasts. We will have the Twin OG up on Sunday and a couple more by them to follow next week.



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