Strain Review: Boston Silky

Boston Silky – @258.exotics x @mountburnin415

Nose: Sweet, fruity, earthy, floral, piney, doughy
Inhale: Fruity, floral, candy, gsssy
Exhale: Musty, cakey, fruity, doughy

Genetics 🧬: Runtz pheno (best guess)

Bred by: Waiting on Confirmation (Mount Burnin Farms?)

Cultivated by: Waiting on Confirmation (258 Exotics?)

Boston Silky Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Link: (DM 258 Exotics if you know this person. They have free merch for him)

Hey what’s up everyone? I hope you are all having a great beginning of the week and not tired from Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day activities, respectfully. Today, I have 258 Exotics making their debut in a review which will feature the collaboration between them and Mount Burnin’, who is making their first appearance on the page since November. For anyone who isn’t familiar with 258 Exotics and the dolphin on their logo, they are from “The Dolph”, or formally know as Randolph, Mass. They’ve been in the mix now for a few years and, after some mutual interest to get some reviews going, I figured sampling some of their partnership offerings would be appropriate. The name on the cultivar I will be diving into today is Boston Silky and it is one of three regional collabs that Mount Burnin’ has done, with the other two being New York Silky and DC Silky. I have had the chance to review a couple products by Mount Burnin’ as mentioned, so my interest was peaked on how this would fare. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts!

When I received the Boston Silky, it came in standard, square Mylar bag that featured an above average bag appeal in my opinion. The artwork displayed the Boston’s Celtics mascot, Lucky the Leprechaun, who’s head is replaced by the trademark MB’s Silky chicken. In the picture, the mascot is standing in front Boston Harbor with the city’s skyline lurking in the background. This is not to ignore the fact that the 258 Exotics Dolphin mascot can be found flopping up out of the water in the background. Personally, I feel that the meaning of most these over-the-top bag designs get lost in the shuffle. However, the amount of detail as well as bringing awareness to the Boston area really hits home on this design, especially growing up as a Celtics fan. I also felt like their recent win streak made the timing of this review all the more appropriate.

When I opened up the seal on the Boston Silky, my first impressions were a light Runtz-like nose with a noticeable combination of floral and pastry notes that made up a rather unique smell. I also caught small hints of cherry along with fruity notes in there as well when poking my nose in the bag. The bag consisted of smaller-to-medium sized nugs that were frosty purple in color. Some lighter green spots could be caught in the mix of the overwhelming dark purple hues with a fair amount of faded-colored orange pistils spread throughout. The nugs had a good amount of density to them although some did feel more weathered than others when held. However, like other cultivars I have seen recently, when broken apart the buds became a lot more stickier in texture leaving kief particles stuck to my fingertips. I ended up receiving an above average yield when breaking the buds down either by hand or in the grinder. Once broken down, I zoned in on the increasing smell of candy and floral penetrating through the airwaves. The dry pull consisted of a sweet and doughy pastry-like taste with some hints of Z.

When I sparked the Boston Silky up in an Organic RAW, the first handful of inhales showcased a gassy, floral taste with those stereotypical candy/fruit terps you would find in a Runtz cultivar. On the way out, the exhale held that same flavor experienced in the nose and dry pull. I received a cakey and doughy finish which featured a faint musty, fruity taste that blended in. The slight undertone of candy and fruit on this produced an incredible amount of z terps that lingered on the tongue well after the finish. Additionally, a little before I hit the halfway mark in the sesh, I discovered a small taste of tart cherries which processed in with those fruity, citrus-like terps. The further into the sesh I got the more and more prevalent the candy notes became. For the most part, the pulls were moderately gassy but smooth enough where not too much pressure was induced. Although the Boston Silky was met with a great burn, the ash produced was inconsistent. At times it burned a salt and pepper ash and, at other times, burned more thicker, white ash. The res ring that formed was solid including a fat drip that left a semi-oily coil within the joint. All in all, the unique flavor this possessed had to be the most intriguing part about this smoke despite a small bit of flavor loss at the end.

After about a 5-10 minute lag after the sesh was over, I started to feel a melting feeling starting in my upper body that carried down to around my ankles. The medicinal effects from the Boston Silky were sneaky, however; Once in play, they were certainly noticeable. I felt a sudden loss in thought as well as perception too. This included a swarming head high that surprisingly didn’t even phase me given the strong euphoria experienced within my upper body. This cultivar did tend to drag me out a little more than I expected so I wasn’t able to enjoy the effects to their full extent at all times. However, when I did this high lasted a good hour and half keeping me fully sedated throughout the process. The melting sensation produced by this cultivar decreased by mobility, making this a perfect fit for nighttime use. I also did build up quite the appetite on this one and had to keep some snacks around when I could find the strength to keep my baggy, red eyes up. Personally, it wasn’t the favorite high I have ever experience although there was no denying the potency within the medicinal effects that the Boston Silky possessed.

After having a chance to try the Boston Silky, I would honestly say it was one of the better cultivars I have had the chance to get my hands on by Mount Burnin’ (this one being in collaboration with 258 Exotics) With that being said, I think this the taste profile is one that will be desired by a range of smokers, especially those who constantly seek various fruity/candy cultivars. On top of that, the indica-dominant effects I experienced when seshing with this cultivar makes me believe it would be a perfect fit for those who want to find relaxation after a long day or like a nice KO before bed. I’m glad I finally had the chance to run into 258 Exotics and learn a little bit about them as an area brand I knew nothing about previously. I will have a couple more offerings up by them including ones they assisted for Shoppingcarts and Darwin Farms. I also included a link on the opening that features a SoundCloud from an anonymous fan of theirs. They want your help to track him down to give him some free merch.



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