Strain Review: Bubblegum Haupia by Shopping Carts x Mount Burnin Farms

Bubblegum Haupia – Shopping Carts @shoppingcarts.california x Mount Burnin Farms @mountburnin415

Nose: Candy, fruity, piney, musty, floral
Inhale: Fruity, candy, tart, floral
Exhale: Fruity, spicy, floral, piney

Lineage/Genetics 🧬 : Waiting on Confirmation

Bred by: Waiting on Confirmation

Cultivated by: Waiting on Confirmation

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Assisted by: @258.exotics

Bubblegum Haupia Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

bubblegum haupia by shopping carts x mount burnin farms strain review by toptierterpsma 2Hey what’s up everyone? We’ve finally made it here, it’s the weekend, and I wanted to share one more review with you all before we close out the week. When 258 Exotics came through to give me the Boston Silky I also received a couple other offerings from different brands. One of these, which I will be diving into today, is a collaboration with two familiar faces whom I’ve had pretty good success with their previous offerings. I had a hunch, when receiving this, that the Bubblegum Haupia by Shoppingcarts415 and Mount Burnin’ would be one of those more uniquely flavored cultivars. This is one of their newest cultivars in their extensive Haupia product line. I couldn’t find too much info on the lineage on their IG page or any of my fellow reviewers for that matter. Nonetheless, I was very curious going into this one if this would be a Bubblegum Gelato pheno or along the lines of something else. I was pretty confident on my assumption given the reputable candy crosses both of these brands have put out. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts!

When I received the Bubblegum Haupia, it came in a standard, square Mylar bag with a see-through bottom. The bag art featured Shopping Carts’ trademark one-tooth head figure with the straw coming out of its head like a coconut mixed drink. This one displayed it blowing a bubble while sitting on a pink wave. Personally, I wasn’t as impressed by the art on this as I was with the Haupina or Waupia I previously reviewed. However, I did like the mix of lighter-to-darker colors of pink and white that made up the color way, aligning the image to the name of the cultivar. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t even aware this was a collaboration with Mount Burnin’ until seeing their logo on the bottom left corner.

After opening up the seal on the Bubblegum Haupia, a candy odor, sure enough, reminiscent of Double Bubble errupted out of the bag. The nose was every bit of candy as it was pungent. In the mix of those scents, I also picked up on some hints of pine and floral, however; I really needed to dial in on this to recognize given the overwhelming candy nose. The nugs inside were, for the most part, medium-sized ones that had a fairly decent aesthetic to them. The buds consisted of an even mix of light green, dark purple and violet colors that made up the structure. When held, each one had a spongy but dense texture that flaked off kief particles the second it was touched. Even though the pistils appeared to be a little packed in, the triche coverage was certainly on the heavier side. When broken down, the candy and floral notes started to outweigh the bubblegum nose resembling one found in a Runtz/gelato variation. The yield upon breaking the buds down was moderate and it seemed like I was getting more bang for my buck breaking down by hand. The dry pull I received on this consisted of a sweet bubblegum taste packed with additional notes or berry and floral.

When I sparked the Bubblegum Haupia in an Organic RAW, the initial inhales received were extremely fruity and candy giving it an ultimate Runtz/gelato appeal. I gained a bubblegum taste off the bat which almost had a faint licorice undertone to it. On the way out, I retained those fruity and floral terps but caught a mild spice left on the tip of my tongue after the follow through. Ultimately, this cultivar was packed with flavor, giving truth to the name that was picked for it. The z terps on this one picked up even more and more over the duration of the sesh. The bubblegum explosion through each inhale, along with candied taste, lasted down to the wire making this a very delectable smoke. The pulls were moderate gassy but more or less smooth making it easy to ensure. The joint burned smooth and evenly, producing somewhat of an inconsistent ash which changed from darker to lighter gray throughout the sesh. The terp ring was impressive, though, as it produced small, oily bubbles around the perimeter of the joint. All in all, I was impressed by the flavor and way that the Bubblegum Haupia smoked regardless of the ash. I felt that this really gave off a smooth candy vibe as the flavor directly matched the name on the cultivar.

The medicinal effects given off by the Bubblegum Haupia started to kick in right around the tail-end of the sesh. I started to feel a strong, hazy, and body-numbing feeling right after I put the joint out. This was accompanied by a strong sensation of being lost in thought. I became mildly sedated but, for the most part, possessed a rather carefree attitude along with an uplifted spirit. I felt oddly silly off of this and really felt the urge to play small jokes on my fiancé while off this. I displayed extremely glossy, red eyes as a result of smoking this cultivar with a slight bit of pressure build up in my head. The duration of this was pretty impressive lasting between an hour and half to two hours. The effects of this cultivar made me moderately hungry and even gave me a creative spark in the kitchen. This was a great smoke to start off the weekend as it gave relaxing yet uplifting, energetic feel. The medicinal effects ended up being a great compliment to the flavor smoke produced by the Bubblegum Haupia.

After having chance to try the Bubblegum Haupia, I have to tip my cap as well as state that it’s solid new addition to the Haupia family catalog. I think it goes without saying that those smokers that seek more fruity/candy type cultivars won’t find too many flaws with this one if the batch is dialed in right. Additionally, any smoker looking for a relaxing, but balanced high will definitely enjoy the effects that the Bubblegum Haupia puts out. As usual, the complex flavor stood out as the main feature and seems to be the common denominator in a lot of these cultivars I’m trying in the Haupia product line. Ultimately, I think this ended up being a job well done by Shoppingcarts415 and Mount Burnin’ along with being something I’d definitely try again in the future. If anyone happens to know the lineage on this cultivar please feel free to drop in comments.



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