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Strain Review: Dog Patch by High Expression Cannabis

Dog Patch (Chem D mother X Chemdog 91 bx2 father) βš›οΈπŸΆπŸŒ²πŸ„πŸ§…πŸŽΎπŸ¦¨ Bred by @skunk_va @luckydogseedco Dialed in living soil by @mister_____jo @highexpressioncannabis Lineage/Genetics: Chemdog 91 BX2 x Chemdog D Original Breeder: Lucky Dog Seed Co Grower: High Expression Cannabis

Dog Patch Strain Review

– – Ok fam, today we have a special one, a breeding work i’ve been eyeing for a while… the Chem lines held by the legendary skunk VA who kept those awesome genetics alive since the 90’s. Being an OG Kush & Sour lover i’ve always dreamed of getting my hands on some. Chem is definitely the backbone of my favorite cannabis experience & cultivars. Paired with the shamanic like organic living soil growing from Mister Jo it seems too good to be true, you know that kind of Β« match made in heaven Β» πŸ€ͺ❀️. – – The flowers presents a soft & crispy texture with their wild bushy look. The moisture content & curing is perfect & allows you to experience that famous greasiness chem is known for. The trichomes coverage is awesome & adds to that greasy & sticky look. I think picture 4 translates that feeling perfectly showing how the flowers came when I first open the bag, all glued together in a sticky mess, wild things baby ! 😜 – – Ok now let’s get into the nose & aromas. Opening the jar makes a thick layer of creamy, humid/wet, microbial earthiness appearing instantly. Further sniff reveals a sour herbaceous funk to it along with the humid part turning like a shroom/mycelium scent. You can spot traces of matured meat & rotten fruits too. The grind gives a sour rubber tennis ball kick with some skunk almost feeling like a gas terp on some occasion. – – The flavour profile allows to experience the exact same aromas from the nose, but it is highly influenced by the method of consumption, so you can play with it to find your favorite zone. #mighty starting @ 170c finishing @ 210c = the widest range of flavours, starting from the humid creamy sweet matured funk & finishing on the sour onion tennis ball – #woodscents high temp one hit extraction = in your face astringent sour tennis ball & onion, super expansive & thick vapour that makes you cough πŸ€ͺ – #joints = a bit less astringent than on the woodscents, thick & expansive smoke, sour & fresh terps coating your mouth reminding me of an OG Kush. The high is really unique & feels refreshing when compared to all of the other strain I have in my stash. It fits every situation from the wake & bake to your last session before bed. Everyday & all day, it delivers exactly what you want & even more. The buzz starts quickly with a soaring head & electrifying smile, evolving with pain killing & more relaxing body attributes. I now understand why everyone talks about that special Chemdog high, it seems to have a special spirit that goes beyond the Β« indica & sativa Β» yingyang πŸ€ͺπŸ™πŸš€. – – #luckydog #skunkva #dogpatch #livingsoil #chem #chemdog #strainreview #strainreviews #420 #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #hightimes
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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

One thought on “Strain Review: Dog Patch by High Expression Cannabis

  • Nathan Rose

    My Dog Patch clone is 7 weeks and since I bought it and it’s too tall and I forgot to top it what do I do.


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