Strain Review: Dogwalker by Big Beard Farms

I don’t usually focus much on a breeder for a review, but this dude is enough of an Oregon staple that I would be remiss not to at least bring him up a little. I’ve reviewed his Scooby Snacks cut (grown by @injoy_cannabis), today I’m reviewing his Dogwalker by way of @bigbeardfarms420 , so I really feel the need to mention @oneeyerc.

Lineage/Genetics: Chemdawg 4 x AWOG (OG Kush x Albert Walker)

Original Breeder: OneEye

Grower: Big Beard Farms

Dispensary: Urban Farmacy

Dogwalker Strain Review

dogwalker by big beard farms strain review by pdxstoneman 2This dude has bred quite a bit of quality cannabis, and you’ve probably smoked it with or without prior knowledge. He seems to excell with gassy, chemical, funky terp profiles, and I instantly trust a grower who is versed in the local scene enough to name drop him when they tell me about their weed.

That said, this was my third favorite of the samples I got from @bigbeardfarms420. It was good, but honestly a wee bit dry. That translates into some harshness to the smoke and sort of a toned down nose.

It had the gassy, cabinet under the sink where you keep the delicious cleaning supplies dankness I love about Dogwalker. It’s a hard scent to describe, because “chemicals” isn’t exactly a good descriptive term, but like an Islay whisky, it’s hard to describe the scent and taste of Dogwalker in terms that sound affectionate to the uninitiated. If you know, you know.

The overall high was pleasant and stoney. Not the usual heavy sleepiness I get, but it had a heavy limbed body high and couch lock effect that’ll satisfy the indica lovers. Big time mental fog, and low, dry eyes.

This is one I’d like to try in better condition. It’s a really good cut, grown with love and care, but that dryness kinda hurts it for me. Still a solid offering, I’d just prefer it with a bit more squish to it.

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