Strain Review: DoSiDo Punch by Humboldt Farms

DoSiDo Punch Little Trees from Humboldt Trees #DoSiDoPunch 💃🏾🥊
#indica #budgetsmoke

Lineage/Genetics: Dosido x Purple Punch

Indica or Sativa: Indica dominant Hybrid

Original Breeder: Philosopher Seeds

Grower: Humboldt Trees

DoSiDo Punch Strain Review

18.73% #thc
.04% #cbd
24.95% #totalthc
🗣🙌🏾 @humboldttrees
🍍 Delicious fruity/earthy flavor with a pine aftertaste. It has a pungent earth and spice aroma with a heavy overtone of sweet fruit punch.
🥭Strong high with heavy indica effects. Great #budgetsmoke and definitely hits like the more expensive buds. Fast acting and long lasting.
🥊You’ll feel it heavy in your mind making feel really happy and easily entertained alot more relaxed and less focused. The body stone fades in strong making you feel couchlocked which can quickly turn into a deep peaceful sleep.
🗿They are budlets like the name “Little Trees” suggest. Minimal amount of stems compared to other budlets. Dark green and olive toned nugs with shints of purple and nice frosty layer of #trichomes.Big dark amber stigmas .
💯Recommend for insomnia and managing stress and anxiety. 9/10
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