Strain Review: Garlic Juice by LA Family Farms

Garlic juice
GMO x Papaya

Lineage/genetics: GMO x Papaya

Original Breeder: Oni Seed Co.

Grower: LA Family Farms

Garlic Juice Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

This Garlic Juice is a super unique and tasty strain. The bag was filled with two chunky buds that were very sticky and fresh. Garlic Juice has primarily a gmo structure. The exterior coloring is bright and vibrant. You see a combination of jungle green, dark midnight blue sugar leaves, and bright marigold orange pistils, giving these buds an orangish glow.

The nose is fruity and sour papaya on the front, with garlicky pine notes in the middle, and finishes with a slightly rotten fruit and citrus funk.

The taste is incredible, with citrus and papaya smacking your taste buds on the front end. In the middle you get that garlic funk and spice, and it finishes with a little citrus zest and pine.

The effects personally for me are geared for nighttime use. The high is very relaxing and calming. I got a nice wave of euphoria that worked its way through my body making for some great relaxation. Big shoutout to the team @officialnice_dc for bringing this strain to light.

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