Strain Review: Golden Berry by DNA Genetics

💛Golden berry 💛 // THC 20.96%

Lineage/Genetics: Kushberry x Jew Gold

Original Breeder: DNA Genetics

Golden Berry Strain Review

golden berry by dna genetics strain review by _scarletts_strains_ 2Sativa Dominant Hybrid .
🌤Golden Berry is great for daytime usage.

☁️I smoked it in a pipe and in a bong. I didnt smoke it in a blunt but I have a feeling it would give one giggles.

💕The high is cerebrally stimulating giving a powerful creative uplifted mood with an easing body and energetic motivation. It’s ideal for users in search of a potent, upbeat, and happiness stimulating with lasting effect.

It gives such a great upbeat, happy, motivational feeling with body stimulating, very energetic which is pretty good for cleaning the house, excercising, or activities like such. . .

✔a spectacular high
✔would buy again
✔would recomend
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