Strain Review: Grape Lime Ricky by Firelands Scientific

Grape Lime Ricky Review

Lineage: Purple Urkle x Jack the Ripper

Indica or Sativa: Indica dominant Hybrid

Original Breeder: SubCool’s The Dank

Grower: Firelands Scientific

Grape Lime Ricky Strain Review

grape lime ricky by firelands scientific strain review by greenbuckeyereviewsGrown by @firelandsscientific , Grape Lime Ricky has been a favorite of mine since it’s debut roughly a year ago. When it first came out I remember it putting me straight to sleep mid- vape, whereas the later batches give a more creeping, relaxed high that make me wonder if the first batch had some CBN in it. (The first batch was somewhere around 15% I think) . Later batches have consistently been in the 20’s, with this batch coming in at 23%, a weaker tier 2. Upon opening the package you’re greeted with a strong piney, fresh scent with mild hints of citrus- but there’s no grape or berry flavor to note. Tasting like a combination of Sprite and pine, this strain opens up the airways with a somewhat harsh smoke.

That could be due to the brittle dryness- it was incredibly dry, but the pine flavors in sure don’t help with the smoothness. In addition to the dryness, as you can see, I wouldn’t exactly label these as ‘buds’. Frankly, calling it ‘popcorn’ is even a bit generous. So paying full bud price and opening up to that container was disappointing. Luckily, I tend to be more concerned with effects than bag appeal-and this has some nice effects, so I wasn’t too upset but still felt a little cheated.

grape lime ricky by firelands scientific strain review by greenbuckeyereviews 2The effects come on in heavier consumption- after one vape I feel mildly relaxed and foggy but nothing noteworthy, but after the first or second hit of the second vape, the mind begins to fly as the body feels weighed down and melts into the couch. The vapor, despite the dry nature of the flower, is flavorful and and the scent can travel. Be sure to have a filter if attempting to be at all discreet (especially with the kids in the house 🎶since schools out for…tbd…🎶).

All in all, I’d be happy to get this strain again, if at a lower price to compensate for the flower size. With effects that helped my pain, insomnia, appetite, and stress this is a go to evening strain, if at the right price. Unfortunately, the budtender didn’t have the terpene profile from Firelands, but if I had to guess I’d say pinene, limonene or maybe terpinolene?

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