Strain Review: Holy Moly! by Fig Farms

REVIEW for ***HOLY MOLY*** by FIG FARMS @fig.farms.

Lineage/Genetics: Banana Fig x Animal Mints 198 #1

Original Breeder: Fig Farms

Grower: Fig Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Holy Moly! Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

holy moly by fig farms strain review by weedxwagyu 2Let me start by saying ive been a fan of Fig Farms as soon as I tried the Ivory pheno mints. Since then ive tried Figment, Blue Face, Krypto chronic, baby doll, sunset country club, holy moly, animal face & Sweet Pee. Hoping to try Moonana Wreck, 6ixth sense and city drifter.
*APPEARANCE/BAG APPEAL/TRIM*- This is one of the prettiest flowers ive seen. Buds are elongated but firm. My 1st thought was, “hm, this looks very similar to CBXs GM-Uhoh”. Nugs look like they are simply rolled in sugar. The gland heads are fairly large relative to stalks-would love to see this washed. Trichome coverage is very dense. Overall, theres more color from the trichs then there is from the green leafy matter.
*FLAVOR/CURE*- Minty, slightly spicy
with candy sour notes. Always cured right. The nugs are juicy/sticky/spongey but break well no problem. Theres a also a slight chocolate after taste.
*SMOKE QUALITY/ASH/FLUSH*- Smooth! Fig Farms does it right. They grow in living soil and the results speak for themselves. All of their strains have a full bodied, smooth and complex palate. Havent had one that wasnt tasty. Ash is pure white. Being grown in a proper soil, the flavor is full spectrum and complex with many undertones and notes of flavor. No flush necessary and no chemmie flavors here.
*SMELL*- Minty floral bouquet with hints of chocolate.
*EFFECT/BUZZ*- Starts with a heavy curtain enveloping your eyes and lobe.
The immediate effect is a soaring, spacey buzz tht settles into a toasty heady soaring buzz, although not too light. It does pack a punch. It has no ceiling from what ive noticed (more you smoke higher you go).
Holy Moly is an amazing beach day variety. Fig Farms hit it out of the park yet again.
Picked this one up at @offthechartsvalley at 35/8th + tax. Fair pricing imho…@fig.farms @fig.farmer
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