Strain Review: Jelly Breath by VAPackBoyz


Lineage/Genetics: Mendo Breath x Do-Si-Dos

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: VAPackBoyz

Via: @Vapackboyz

Jelly Breath Strain Review

Back with another review courtesy of @vapackboyz this time taking a look at Jelly Breath, another strain with a heralded lineage including ties to OGKB from both parents. The Jelly Breath I was gifted was teardrop shaped and Christmas tree like in structure with dense buds weighing heavy on, and thus breaking easily off their supporting stems. Jelly Breath is well manicured and possesses a ‘soft sticky’ to flakey texture that breaks up nicely on the grind. The exterior of Jelly Breath is absolutely vibrant across its exterior, reflecting a tritone color scheme of dark lilacs, chateau greens and apricot between its buds, sugar leaves and ample pistil coverage.

Jelly Breath lands on the louder side, boasting a sour flower bouquet-like nose with a piercing flash of a skunky, almost perfumey, lemon lime. With a name like Jelly Breath, I was anticipating a stronger fruity flavor, however I found the smoke to be smooth, malty and floral, with a slight berry crumble on top of an earthy diesel inhale. On the back end, a very Girl Scout Cookie like, graham cracker flavor shines through with touches of lavender and nutmeg amidst other spices.

As one would predict, the offspring of Do-si-dos and Mendo Breath doesn’t dissaoint when it comes to potency, offering a high best described as blissfully sedating. A true “head in the clouds” strain, Jelly Breath is equal parts stoney and mood improving and carefree. As a result, I found myself easily distracted throughout the high via multiple streams of thought, making for a highly inspiring but somewhat pleasantly aloof effect. On the physical end, an initial body loosening, warmth and tingle settles in like molasses on the limbs and muscles in an undeniably therapeutic but heavy and heady display.

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