Strain Review: Sherbhead by VAPackBoyz


Lineage/Genetics: Sunset Sherbet x Loompa’s Headband

Original Breeder: Cannarado Genetics

Grower: VAPackBoyz

Via: @vapackboyz

Sherbhead Strain Review

Today we take a first look at @vapackboyz who has come highly recommended from a number of followers over recent weeks. Their IG profile boasts plenty of beautiful flower, so definitely check them out for yourselves.

I picked up SherbHead, a strain that is truly intriguing given its heralded lineage. Headband is a throwback favorite, and a cross with Sherbet definitely gives it that modern bag appeal. SherbHead has an emerald to hunter green exterior with a sprinklings of orchid purples and trichomes clusters throughout. Of course, pictures will never do true justice towards the quality of the flower handled. I was excited to find this SherbHead to be soft, fluffy and properly cured, while retaining that stick-to-your-fingers trichome coverage.

SherbHead really turns heads with its sweet yet sour funk diesel with a hint of citrus. The nose is incredibly reminiscent of some good quality Sour Diesel with a scoop of creamy sherbet mixed in. I found the inhale to be dominated by the classic Kush flavor, equal parts gassy, earthy and woody with a light hue of a smooth peachy lemongrass. The exhale is notable sherbet heavy – creamy fruit, tart berries and sweet pine.

I found SherbHead to act quickly, feeling a slight face “burn” and flush almost instantly as the effects began to swirl around my head. As I had hoped that “headband” effect does set in and really sticks throughout the high. The halo like pressure can be a bit intense at higher doses, but I found the strain to be energizing and uplifting though mildly spacey at moments. Physically, the effects are equal parts calming and alleviating, but certainly on the mellow side, lacking any sort of heavy sedation. I found myself enjoying this cerebral haze throughout the day.


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