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Strain Review: Liquid Cocaine OG

🍋🌲🧼🌍⛽️ Liquid Cocaine OG Aka Charlie Sheen (most probably a sativa dom phenotype of the Malibu/Hollywood Pure Kush aka PK). Lineage/Genetics: Pure Kush Original Breeder: Unknown

Liquid Cocaine OG Strain Review

– – Ok folks, we have a really special one today, from the strain name, to the nug structure terps & high it’s like the most unique OG Kush cut I’ve had. These nugs are what I call a true green exotic (#greengang) with their bright layers of greens sprinkled with little diamond trichs. Some occasional yellow & coral hues accentuated by fiery orange hairs. But the star of the show is this mad crowning calyxes porn that my trusted kush mate like to call « the Napoleon’s hat style » 🎩👑 (no cap right here ya heard ?! 🤣) Breaking a nug a part for a sesh with this strain makes you feel like a flower/vegetal sculpture artist. – – When first jaring this batch, the nose & taste was highly dominated by rich Italian Amalfi lemons, further developing themselves in a sweet soily & woody microbial soapiness which strongly evokes me of French lavender « savon de marseille ». The more she gets cure in the jar the more gassier she becomes. It’s like a sweet gassiness developing from the earthy microbial funk. Now that all the flavonoids & terps are at their full potential i must say it’s a really complex & balanced OG Kush flavor. I just wish it was a bit louder like the more pine fuel cuts but it totally makes up for it in complexity. – – This Kush cut is not dubbed liquid cocaine or Charlie Sheen without a reason 🤪🚀🚀 It starts with an eye opener widening front head pressure that fills you with euphoric & empathogenic feelings. I red somewhere on ICmag forums that the PK cut has a unique 60%cannabis 40%cocaine type of effects & i completely agree sheeeessh it’s really something 🤪 The more you consume the more it gets psychedelic & stonier but still no real couchlock heaviness. – – I feel blessed to have experienced such an exotic & rare OG Kush cut. The OG strains are still & will always be my all time favorite strains for their iconic aromas, flavors & bag appeal. It’s such a decisive turning point & revolutionary piece of the cannabis genetics history & that’s why it’s in the lineage of almost every modern exotics hybrids. OG KUSH 4 LIFE ❤️🏆🚀⛽️ 5w jean_roulin_420’s profile picture jean_roulin_420 #liquidcocaineog #strainreview #strainreviews #ogkushstory #purekush #malibupurekush #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #weedporn #420
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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

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