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Strain Review: Mac Cap’s Cut by Capulator

Mac Cap’s Cut #capscut review Lineage/Genetics: (Alien Cookies x (star fighter x Colombian)) Original Breeder: Capulator Grower: Capulator Dispensary: Peace of Green

Mac Cap’s Cut Review

mac cap's cut by capulator strain review by cannasseur777Starting off the new page right with a review of one of my favorite strains cultivated by the man himself @capulator and the team at @pog.dtla Overall: the buds in both jars I got were covered in glistening and white trichomes and the aroma from the jars hit me as soon as I opened them. The trim job isn’t the best, but honestly that’s never really bothered me. I don’t care if you know your way around a pair of scissors I care if you can grow dank bud, and let me tell you, Cap can grow dank bud. Perfect humidity, burns clean, tastes amazing, and is potent enough for even those who claim their tolerance is too high. Couldn’t recommend this one enough, now onto the details: Smell: The smell and taste profile on Mac is probably the thing that keeps me coming back to it the most. There’s a savory funk to the aroma that I can never seem to place, highlighted by some acidic citrus notes and accented by just a touch of sweetness. It’s a very unique smell that’s probably the biggest indicator of whether someone actually has caps cut or not. Taste: I’ve seen the taste of Mac described as orangey before…but I get none of that. For me upon combustion the citrus notes disappear and a rich sweet earthy taste dominates the palate which fades into a lingering savory, almost unctuous taste that I can’t get enough of Effects: Cerebral euphoria and focus coupled with waves of relaxation, this strain is perfect for people struggling with depression or anxiety that want to medicate during the day without feeling any fatigue #strainreview #mac #capscut #capsmac
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Check out more reviews by @cannasseur777 on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/cannasseur777)

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Check out more reviews by @cannasseur777 on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/cannasseur777)

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