Strain Review: Military Chocolate by El Nino Pobreta


LINEAGE/GENETICS – Bubba Kush S1 x Tropicana Cookies

ORIGINAL BREEDER – Oni Seed Co. @oni_seed_co

GROWER – El Nino Pobreta @elninoprobeta2

Military Chocolate Strain Review

LOOKS – 7/10 – Dark green dense and rugged looking nuggets with patches of long and twisting bronze pistols and an extremely heavy covering of trichomes.

SMELL – 7/10 – The aroma is very earthy with gassy and herbal tones. There is a slight sweet nutty flavour on the nose when the flowers are broken up and ground. I would say this is a more Bubba Kush dominant pheno and to be honest I was hoping for a little more from the Tropicana Cookies on the nose.

BURN – 9/10 – As always from @elninoprobeta2 this one burned very clean and consistent with a nice oil ring sweating through the paper as I’m smoking it. This one was so close to 10/10 on the @_team10.extracts_ white ash chart.

TASTE – 7/10 – The taste was very clean and the flavours on the pallet were as I expected from the smell. Slightly sweet and earthy on the inhale and then the gassy terps really took over on the exhale.

EFFECTS 10/10 – The effects were very good in my opinion and as an experienced smoker I can honestly say this one packed a knockout punch. This strain left me in a tranquil and relaxed state for hours after smoking.

OVERALL – 40/50

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