Strain Review: New Russia by Luigi Farms

New Russia (Outdoor)
Grown by @luigifarms
Bred by @dhgenetics

Lineage/Genetics: Cherry AK 47 x White Widow

Original Breeder: DH Genetics (DrewHah)

Grower: Luigi Farms

New Russia Strain Review

new russia by luigi farms strain review by cannasaurus_rex_reviewsAppearance – Upon opening the bag I reached for the King size nug that was pillow like fluffy and super dense, the outer and inner layer are speckled with frosty trich heads as if someone sprinkled sugar upon it. At the base of the bud the color was a blondish that blended into dark green mixed with earth green tones and had a mix of orange and blondish white pistils.

Smell – When you smell out of the bag your nose is met with sweet cherry musk on the front end and finishes off with a piney wood scent, out of the bag it tends to lean more of a piney musty scent.
Upon the grind you get that sweetness at first but it gradually drifts to the piney wood.

Taste – On the dry pull of my joint my mouth watered as I was greeted with a delicious sweet fruit that filled my pallet with delight so I sparked it up. Upon the inhale I was caught off guard by a heavy earthy resinous taste that was a tad on the harsh side, the exhale wasnt much different and was very lackluster. The jay smoked evenly,stayed lit with no issues the entire way down and burned white ashes indicative of a good flush.

Effects – About half way through the joint it had me all zingy in the head like a energy building, three quarters down and I began to feel this very euporic warmth creeping from my shoulders slowly going down my arms,I would say it is a sativa dominant hydrid because my mind is going faster that 1.21 jiggawatts. The stone slowly shifts to your body and comes to a nice blend of its parents coming together and with time you will drift off into another realm where your locked in a zone and it is really hard to focus.

We give this cut of the strain a 2.5 stars

This batch was nicely hand trimmed, covered in thrichomes and nicely structured, the smell had a nice mix of sweetness and pineyness to it. The dry pull had me so excited for what was to come but I was honestly let down in the taste,when smoked just that heavy piney earthy flavor which is not much of our preference, now the effects crept up and took me a little by suprise but unfortunately we just can’t make it past the taste on the inhale, I would recommend this strain if you enjoy being floored in your mind that sit back and wait for your body to drift off into the abyss, definitely a night time strain after a while I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

Thank you very much to everyone who reads and supports us over here at Cannasaurus_Rex_Reviews, it is truly appreciated. Stay medicated!!!!!!🙏🙏🙏💪🦖

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Check out more reviews by @cannasaurus_rex_reviews on Instagram! (

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