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Strain Review: Quad Dawg by Ripped City Gardens

I don’t really have some weird comment about the industry, or life, or the world to make. It’s one of those times where you’re just forced to wait for shit to line up right, and once one or two pieces get right, things are gonna start going good. So I’m just trying to smoke and make vague comments on social media, maybe argue about something dumb on Reddit. Lineage/Genetics: Chemdawg 4 x White Dawg OG Original Breeder: PhenoType Farmers Grower: Ripped City Gardens Dispensary: Tetra Cannabis

Quad Dawg Strain Review

quad dawg by ripped city gardens thc percentage label strain review by pdxstonemanThis is Quad Dawg. It’s been such an unassuming, under-the-radar pickup for me. Hybrid with some wonderful sativa effects. Good function and energy, very uplifting. My only big gripe with it would be the cough factor. I take bong rips as my preferred consumption method, and each hit of this has me coughing pretty good. I ain’t no bitch, but the lung expansion on this kicks like a 12 gauge. The buds are really nice looking, while also not quite fitting into the mainstream standard for nice looking weed. They aren’t colorful, there’s not sweet or floral smells or flavors. They’re just nicely formed, nicely trimmed nugs with a good amount of chemical and gas aromas swallowing up an earthy undertone. Good pickup for sativa and hybrid lovers alike. The ones who got things to do, but one of them is get real high. Shout out to @therippedcity for growing this stuff, and to the cool budtenders at @tetra.pdx for helping me pick it out. THC: 26.99% CBD: 0.15% . . . #pdxcannabiscommunity #pnwstoners #quaddawg #OMMP #Medicate #rippedcitygardens #portlandcannabiscommunity #pdxweed #oregoncannabiscommunity #420review #portlandweed #strainreview #hybrid #cannabisreviews #cannabiscommunity #medicalmarijuana #weedporndaily #weedporn #weedstagram420 #justblazeig #weshouldsmoke #rippedcity #wedontsmokethesame #higherthanmost
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Check out more reviews by @pdxstoneman on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/pdxstoneman)

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Check out more reviews by @pdxstoneman on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/pdxstoneman)

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