Strain Review: Runtz x Horchata by Eastwood Gardens

@eastwood_gardens_pdx has been hyping up their Runtz X Horchata cross for a little while now. Accordingly, I wanted to take my time with it and really get to know it. It’s a unique one, so admittedly there were quite a few qualities I’ll have trouble expressing.

Lineage/Genetics: Runtz x Horchata

Original Breeder: Eastwood Gardens

Grower: Eastwood Gardens

Dispensary: TreeHouse Collective

Runtz x Horchata Strain Review

Eastwood consistently produces cannabis with very similar qualities, even if genetics vary. That’s not to say everything they put out is the same, I simply mean that every batch I’ve had from them has had a similar level of bag appeal, trichomes in this greasy state that are just begging to be washed, and a gassy, somewhat complex profile that’s hard to put into words. You can tell there’s a certain archetype of cannabis that Adam, the head grower and owner, likes to smoke.

The smell is heavy on the sweet gas that comes with some of these Runtz crosses. The notes get harder to specifically identify when you really get in there. There’s kind of a lot, and the state of mind I was in definitely played a factor whenever I went in. When I was feeling good, I was picking up some more fruity, kinda candy/syrup notes. Some more acrid, kinda chemical gas notes came up when I had a long day. It’s definitely one I recommend you experience for yourself, because it’s been giving me fits trying to describe.

The high has a certain fogginess in the head that I came to expect from both the Funnel Cake and Elephant Ears. It’s another one of those traits that comes pretty standard from Eastwood. It’s definitely a more active high than the other stuff I’ve had from them. Not something I’m gonna puff on before anything mentally intensive, but it’s been a great strain for after work and makes a great excuse for why I suck at video games. Pleasant weight in the eyes, nice euphoria and thought provocation, and SUPER talkative. Over consumption had me getting into random debates with my roommate at like 4 in the morning about shit that really just does not matter.

Overall, this is a big recommendation from me. If you wanna grab some, @thc.pdx has gotten multiple drops in the past couple weeks. If you’re into Apple Fritter, the farm just put out their upper tier Fritter in the glass jars, too. Hard to beat.

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