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Strain Review: Slazerbeam by Colorado Seed Inc.

SLAZER BEAM 💛 HYBRID SATIVA DOM 60-40 Lineage/Genetics: Super Lemon Haze x Gupta Kush Original Breeder: Colorado Seed Inc.

Slazerbeam Strain Review

slazerbeam by colorado seed inc strain review by _scarletts_strains_ 2BONG Uplifting chill Productive high Creativity burst I danced this morning I was super horny tho Like I can lowkey feel the vibration of the music in my pussy wont lie (Baby when you read this please fuck me) You can really appreciate music in this one Your mind feels like its floating in a river, your mind feels like a balloon tied down to something Un Poco monchoso . . DONT FORGET TO DRINK WATER WE ARE STONERS WE ARE MORE DEHYDRATED
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