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Strain Review: Strawberry Milk by Smarty Plants

Strawberry Milk 🍓🥛 Lineage/Genetics: (Strawberry SodaWhite Fire Alien OG) Original Breeder: KRE8 Genetics Grower: Smarty Plants

Strawberry Milk Strain Review

Indica Dominant Hybrid Flower . 35.81% Total Cannabinoids 30.24% Total THC . @naturacultivation @getsmartyplants smartyplants . 🍓The aroma is subtley sweet and creamy with some grounded earthy notes and a fruity strawberry-esque undertone · 🥛The flavor had a smooth but potent creamy taste with an earthy flavor that helps ground you after each puff and a deep strawberry fruity tone that really comes together to have a taste closely resembling a glass of strawberry milk. . 🍓These nugs are super sticky with a nice density but still have nice snap while breaking down. I love how bold and hairy the amber orange pistils are,they cover a lot surface and give a nice contrast to the flowers greener hues. Darker forest and emerald greens dominate the outer surface of the flower while lighter yellowish greens devolpe closer to the stem, if you’re lucky you may notice hints of violet burried deep in the nugs. The colors are very vivid and the frosty trichomes really give off a nice “pop” and leave your fingers looking pretty dusty. . 🥛Potent heavy body dominant high. Upon the first puffs i found instant stress relief and a euphoric build happening in my mind and body. This strain really helped me to enjoy the day and be in the present. Minor aches seemimgly melted away which motivated me to get up and talk a little walk before my body turned to stone lol. I never turned to stone but i did have major relaxation. Right after my walk, I scanned the code and learned an odd but interesting fact. These are basically the snapple facts of the weed community. . 🍓🔥🍓Overall i love what theyre doin over at smarty plants, at they know what we expect for the price. and thats a Great design, great customer engagement after purchase, beautifully trimmed quality potent flower with strong medicinal effects. Cant wait to show yall what else ive tried from here.
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