Strain Review: Stuffed Donut by Team Elite Genetics

Stuffed donut @teamelitegenetics

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Team Elite Genetics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Stuffed Donuts Strain Review

Big shout out to Jade from team elite for making these reviews possible! Blessed.

Weight check: 120/100
3.77 > 3.50

Aroma: 95/100
very pungent.. flammable jet fuel/ kerosene/mint, with a sweet & sour citrus/ grapefruit, combined with an unbelievable sour peach gummi candy gas undertone (aftergrind peach gummi ) . A creamy-cookie cream aroma hides beneath that pungent floral/herbal citrus sweet candy fuel.

Appeal: 95/100
Amazing bag appeal, straight exotic nugs, completely COATED In heavy sticky trichomes.. large heads on trichs. Artificial pellet look. Structure is decent but lil spacey on bigger nugs. The short but squat wide nugs have perfect structure. Camo greens with yellowish trichs on top of dark purple leaves, highlights and tips. Resinous. Silver streaking. Dark orange pistils. Leaf/nug ratio leans tiny bit leaf but with a great cure

Smoke & taste: 89/100
BURN:. Semi clean semi even burn. white ash in the middle but darker black outsides. S to MED Resin ring. DRYPULL: peach gummy sour worms. Sweets. Fuel. TASTE: herbal musk and spice take the front with that pungent fuel and pepper. Some hits have the peach gummi flavor, others lean musky, some taste are cookie creamy. pungent fuel throughout. It does taste like it’s had some shelf time tho little harsh at end

Effects: 89/100
body is relaxed, but the mind feels creative energy and flow. Mostly body buzz. Mind has that focus energy and clearheadedness that Could be good for work, some pain relief. But the energy rush has me feeling a bit uneasy lil anxious but eventually faded to relaxing and sleepy!

Potency: 93.75/100
Very potent. Hits half way through the sesh. And it’s a creeper. Keeps kicking in as time goes on. Potency is stronger than effects this time. Long lasting buzz. Slight anxiety from the onset/effects/potency. Will be retesting tomorrow to confirm whether it’s the strain or situational. Creeper potency. (Anxiety wore off fast to relaxed and sleepy)

Overall: 92/100 excellent strain. Look, smell, potency are beast mode. anxiety wore off quick & slept

TierRating: 1

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