Strain Review: Stuffed Donut by Team Elite Genetics

Stuffed donut @teamelitegenetics

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Team Elite Genetics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Stuffed Donuts Strain Review

Big shout out to Jade from team elite for making these reviews possible! Blessed.

Weight check: 120/100
3.77 > 3.50

Aroma: 95/100
very pungent.. flammable jet fuel/ kerosene/mint, with a sweet & sour citrus/ grapefruit, combined with an unbelievable sour peach gummi candy gas undertone (aftergrind peach gummi ) . A creamy-cookie cream aroma hides beneath that pungent floral/herbal citrus sweet candy fuel.

Appeal: 95/100
Amazing bag appeal, straight exotic nugs, completely COATED In heavy sticky trichomes.. large heads on trichs. Artificial pellet look. Structure is decent but lil spacey on bigger nugs. The short but squat wide nugs have perfect structure. Camo greens with yellowish trichs on top of dark purple leaves, highlights and tips. Resinous. Silver streaking. Dark orange pistils. Leaf/nug ratio leans tiny bit leaf but with a great cure

Smoke & taste: 89/100
BURN:. Semi clean semi even burn. white ash in the middle but darker black outsides. S to MED Resin ring. DRYPULL: peach gummy sour worms. Sweets. Fuel. TASTE: herbal musk and spice take the front with that pungent fuel and pepper. Some hits have the peach gummi flavor, others lean musky, some taste are cookie creamy. pungent fuel throughout. It does taste like it’s had some shelf time tho little harsh at end

Effects: 89/100
body is relaxed, but the mind feels creative energy and flow. Mostly body buzz. Mind has that focus energy and clearheadedness that Could be good for work, some pain relief. But the energy rush has me feeling a bit uneasy lil anxious but eventually faded to relaxing and sleepy!

Potency: 93.75/100
Very potent. Hits half way through the sesh. And it’s a creeper. Keeps kicking in as time goes on. Potency is stronger than effects this time. Long lasting buzz. Slight anxiety from the onset/effects/potency. Will be retesting tomorrow to confirm whether it’s the strain or situational. Creeper potency. (Anxiety wore off fast to relaxed and sleepy)

Overall: 92/100 excellent strain. Look, smell, potency are beast mode. anxiety wore off quick & slept

TierRating: 1

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Stuffed Donut Review Part 2

Stuffed donut
New batch review

New stricter grading scale in effect for all reviews.

Aroma: A
One of my most favorite terp profiles of all time, usually our sativas have this award winning type of profile. But In this rare case, it’s an indica: Terpinolene & Ocimene come together to create a Sweet Chemical Pungency Fuel, with Sugary Peach (& pear & apricot) Gummy Worm terps. Behind that is Silky Sharp Vanilla Shaved Ice Cream, and // in lesser roles are: lemon cleaner gas, light pine, herbals, musks, sweet florals, skunk & sour danks.

Appeal A-
Has a lot of peach ozz traits to it, But the Crème de la Crème cross Has a gave it proper density, and an amazing calyx/leaf/nug ratio. Orange pistils burst out of neon green sets of calyxs that look like raptor heads with long tongues. Short, squat, chunky Triangle shaped nugs made of calyxed out partial fox tailing curls. Purple tips, highlights, & shadings are coated in a thick greasy resinous trichome layer. Trichomes are pretty clustered, with big heads & medium length/width stalks. Breaking nugs open reveals it leans to the properly dried ‘frozen’ crisp side, but is still soft, semi moist, even more greasy with a little bit of stick to it. The inners show Densely stacked calyxes, longer pistil length, & clustered trichomes. 7 nug eighth with consistent sizes.

Burn B Taste A
The burn was pleasant, inner ash was very white, w/ some grey. Outside ash was salt with some paper pepper, but this was the same pleasantness as the last batch. Had a clear wet lubricated resin layer. Taste were juicy peaches & gummy worms, with chemical pungency, and vanilla creamy cookie layer. Light gas, diesel musk and florals beneath.

Effect A potency A-
Heavy euphoric potency chest rush hits hard and heavy, with a heavy warm face melt with headband buzz. Trippy and psychoactive, while also calming and centering, light energy creative focus to the indica couchlock base. 3 hours of entourage. Pain meds, Appetite stimulating. Hard to keep eyes open after hour 2

Grade : A-
summary, and extra pics are on previous post today

Nothing for sale!
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Stuffed Donut Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review Pt3

Stuffed Donut @teamelitegenetics
(Creme de la Creme x Peach ozz)

Aroma: 94/100
‘Peach Gunmies’ Terpinolene pungency, with a tropical citrus haze mixing with a deep fried vanilla cream puff. Gassy OG undertones with slight hints of the barley hops veggie herbal cookie funk. Sweet creamy and pungent, I can really smell the peach ozz, elite OG, & grandma cookies coming together perfectly in genetic expressions.

Appeal 97/100
Team Elite is bringing this one out full force this run, with shocking trichome coverage, long wavy stalks, with massive heads like pellets & major clustering. The pistils are dark orange, rusty, with medium-long length. The nugs mainly take after the peach ozz and grandmas cookies, ranging from light greens, greens, purples and even blues; with an open calyxed out long stretching leafy sativa build mixing with a fat chunky dense OG cookie build. The cure has the properly dried ‘frozen’ finish, but with nice fresh moisture levels on the inners, semi-greasy, sticky, and sappy.

Burn 96/100 Ash 94/100 Drip 99/100
Beautiful clean even burn, white fluffy ash, w/ some grey. Thick drip off the rip grew into an incredibly resinous monstrous terp ring. the last 2-3 tasty puffs required extra lung power to break through the massive overflow of resin that gathered at the filter and eventually spilled over and dropped onto my ‘pinch fingers’. (See Video10)

Taste 93.75/100
Peach ringz gummy worms, terpinolene pungency, tropical sativa (deep fried) citrus haze, vanilla cream, OG Lemon pine, herbal cookie, barley hops veggie funk. The peach ozz comes through the most with a creamy vanilla OG backing.

Effect 94.5/100 Potency 92/100
Finished the cone w/ ease, but it had strong effects. Stoney, relaxing, calming. Lightly uplifting w/ some euphoric energy. Then the relaxation overtakes the energy. 7pm sesh had me in bed by 10.

Overall 95/100
This batch is outstanding, all these 10/17 harvested strains I’ve tried so far are turned up with A1 appeal, terps, burn, drips, taste, and satisfaction! dont 🚫💤 on this 🍩

NFSOT! REVIEWS/PHOTOGRAPHY for 21+ medical MJ patients only!

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