Strain Review: White Runtz by Lost Coast Exotics

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Brand: Lost Coast Exotics

Strain: White Runtz

Lineage/Genetics: Zkittlez x Gelato

Original Breeder: Runtz

Grower: Lost Coast Exotics

Lost Coast Exotics White Runtz Strain Review

white runtz by lost coast exotics strain review by trunorcal42016.82 %THC

Comments: Holla! Haven’t had the White Runtz in a while so I’ll give this one a shot. Low THC don’t bother me!


1. Scent: Cool winter mint and pine trees. It slightly mouth watering once burped from the jar.

2. Appearance: Not the pretty nugs selection at all. They are looking like smalls but have a lot of trichomes and some hair, but not too fancy.

3. Nug Structure: Not bad C grade buds. Breakdown was kinda annoying due to the size so I used the grinder a lot.

4. Smoke: Really smooth off the bong. No issue with chest grab or cough. Solid thick smoke.

5. Taste: Little mint and maybe a subtle note of pepper corn. Not overwhelming at all but a slow heat sorta on the taste buds.

white runtz by lost coast exotics strain review by trunorcal420 26. Reaction: It’s a good Stone that’s pretty evenly balanced. Doesn’t last for longer than 30 mins tho which sucks. Repeatedly having to fill the bowl.

7. Conclusion: Jar went fast for sure. Ticket was on the “affordable” side of the spectrum so we made quick work of it. Their other strains are pretty good too given the price so I knew what to expect. Definitely need to get my hands on the true Runtz in current circulation but this worked just fine.

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Check out more reviews by @trunorcal420 on Instagram! (

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