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Strain Review: Zaza #20 by Crumbz (Edgewater Gardens)

ZaZa #20 😈💨 “Exotic Indoor Cannabis Smalls” Lineage/Genetics: Blue DreamRare Darkness #1 Original Breeder: Crumbz Grower: Crumbz (Edgewater Gardens)

ZaZa #20 Strain Review

. 27%THC 2% CBD . @edgewater_gardens . Couldn’t find much about the Crumbz but i think it’s a high grade brand produced by @EdgewaterGardens out of Oakland Ca. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Honestly better than i was expecting, i passed up @Wafers to grab this and ended up picking up Crumbz 3 more times, Now here’s your Review.💯 . 😈Appearance😈 Beautiful full sized trichome frosted nugs with maybe 2 different phenos: one showing dominating deep purple/indigo leaves with a nice blend of olive hues and thick bright orange pistils, the other pheno is basically the opposite with Forest and olive green hues dominating and indigo blending in subtley and still displaying bright thick orange pistils. Thev nugs were dense and stick but broke down well and kept alot of structure, i enjoyed the kushy feel. . 🔥Aroma🔥 Up front i get a cake and fruity gelato aroma with some fruity undertones of blueberry and limes and with a fuel finish. . 💨Flavor💨 The flavor is strong and along with the thick and smooth, potent smoke each hit provided me with that satisfying deep kick. The taste closely follows the aroma with a heavy creamy, cakey taste followed by hints of berry and a lemony diesel touch on the exhale. . 🔥Experience🔥 This high was very satisfying and relaxing, a nice strong hybrid. Off the first few puffs I began to feel a deep euphoric wave build in my chest. The wave dispersed into a body tingling and uplifting rush that seemingly washed away pressure and stress. The high kind of manages itself putting you into a Munchie frenzy so you don’t get too high whatever that means. . 😈Great for anytime, wake n bake, after a long day, before you turn up, or before bed. Great flavor a great effects.
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