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Vape Review: Chemdawg Cartridge by Cedar Creek Cannabis

This Chemdawg Vape Cart from Cedar Creek produces most potent cannabis oil of any vape cartridge I have purchased thus far. Lineage/Genetics: Dogbud Original Breeder: Chemdog (the man)

Chemdawg Cartridge Review

Yet the concentrate is also the smoothest hitting, most natural tasting oil I’ve tried. It is so flavorful which lets me know the oil it Terpene Rich. This is called ‘good smoke’ in technical terms. Much of this has to do with the carefully crafted Terpene profiles of Cedar Creek. I feel this is hands down the most natural tasting and effective product on the market today. The Cedar Creek Vape Carts are a must try!!!! . STRAIN: CHEMDAWG 1g. AROMA/FLAVOR: GASEY, PINEY EFFECTS: SATIVA HYBRID; BODY ‘HIGH’ PAIN RELEIF AND HEADY HIGH CONSISTENCY: CO2 OIL EXTRACTION METHOD: CO2 PRODUCER/PROCESSOR: CEDAR CREEK CANNABIS FOLLOW: @cedarcreekcannabis_ . . . . #CedarCreekCannabis #Chemdawg #Medical #Chronic #i502 #Seattlestoners #ogKush #cannabiscommunity #Weedstagram #WeedPorn #Terpenes #Cannabinoids #CBD #THC #420 #710 #420society #710society #LegalCannabis #Legalizeit
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Check out more reviews by @502strainsheet on Instagram! (

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