Vape Review: Cherry AK47 Cartridge by Curaleaf

Cherry AK47 – hybrid distillate vape cart

Lineage/Genetics: AK-47 pheno

Original Breeder: Serious Seeds

Grower: Curaleaf

Processor: Curaleaf

Cherry AK Cartridge Review

Thc: 87.1%

Recommended time of use: I would recommend this vape cartridge to be used more towards the late afternoon as it is an indica dominant strain.

Head: my thoughts and emotions are suppressed to the point where social interaction happens effortlessly, completely took care of my social anxiety and took the “everyone’s looking at me” feeling away. Had an amazing time.

Body: my body just accepted this strain beautifully, my small aches and discomforts just melted away, minutes after Inhalation. I can see a patient whom suffers from stress and muscle tightness might benefit from this strain, as it really helped my body and mind heal.

Creativity/talkative: my creative juices were flowing but they were not as noticeable as when medicating on other strains which lean more towards the Sativa side of the spectrum.

Hunger: I give this strain a hunger level of 3/5 as it did not enhance my hunger by much, but it did give me a decent appetite to where I would eat just enough to feel comfortably full and not get the ITIS .
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Check out more reviews by @shanchyrls on Instagram and the official website! (

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Check out more reviews by @shanchyrls on Instagram and the official website! (

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