Strain Review: Fairy Godmother from MÜV

Fairy Godmother – Hybrid

Lineage/Genetics: Cinderella 99

Original Breeder: Brothers Grimm (Mr. Soul)

Grower: MÜV

Fairy Godmother Strain Review

fairy godmother from muv strain review by shanchyrls 2Thc: 761.6mg CBD: 2.8mg

Recommended time of use: i want to say early morning and throughout the day as this strain is very uplifting and gives you a nice body buzz while keeping your head and eyes awake

Head: not heavy on the head, you will not be stuck nor slow, your mind will actually be fired up and give you the feeling of “okay what are we doing next”

Body: the touch of cbd in this strain as well as also having indica percentages within this strain, really help alleviate bodily aches and discomforts. Although I still feel some pain in my rotator cuff tear, that is a big injury that I am treating with cannabis.

Creativity/talkative: very talkative and social strain, really suppresses my social anxiety as I am able to maintain a conversation without having the “what if” thought summering my every thought

Hunger: this strain gives you hunger but it’s a subtle onset, you slowly start to feel a little hungry and before you know it you will be reaching for the nearest snack at your disposal
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Check out more reviews by @shanchyrls on Instagram and the official website! (

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