Concentrate Review: Ghost Rider OG Syringe by GrowHealthy

Ghost rider og

Lineage/Genetics: The White (Krome Cut) x Biker Kush V1

Original Breeder: Karma Genetics

Grower: GrowHealthy

Processor: GrowHealthy

Dispensary: GrowHealthy

Ghost Rider OG Syringe Review

Thc: 84.20%

Condition: stress, insomnia, pain

Recommended time of use: late afternoon to night time, as I put this on a cartridge and hit it before bed. It works wonderful.

Head: it completely slows down my thoughts to the point where I can rest and not feel so overwhelmed by every little thing

Body: complete body sedative and this strain really calmed my muscle spasms which is what I was looking to treat, as they do not let me sleep and rest. .

Creativity/talkative: not really creative nor talkative, yet it does put you in a good mellow mood. .

Hunger: the munchies hit extremely hard with this strain and I can see someone who has trouble putting on weight can benefit from this specific medicine .

What is your go to medical strain? And what do you treat with it? .
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Check out more reviews by @shanchyrls on Instagram and the official website! (

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