Cultivar Review: Apples n Bananas by Pleasant Effects

Apples n Bananas – @pleasanteffects

Nose: Sweet, fruity, citrus, piney, zesty, tangy
Inhale: Tangy, fruity, citrus, sweet, floral, Chem, tart
Exhale: Fruity, musty, piney, berry, citrus, sweet, sour, wheat

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Now n Laterz x Jet Fuel Gelato

Bred by: Compound Genetics @compound_genetic

Cultivated by: Pleasant Effects

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Apples n Bananas Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

apples n bananas by pleasant effects cultivar review by toptierterpsmaHey what’s up everyone? We are finally full swing into the weekend and I have another review from Pleasant Effects to start it off with a bang. His Apples n Bananas I will be going over today is the second installment in back-to-back reviews I’ve covered. If you are looking for background info on Pleasant Effects I would highly encourage you to check out the previous review I did on the Gello. The Apples n Bananas is another cultivar I was teased with over the past few month and, more than likely, had the most domineering look throughout plant stage out of the three. I captured the growth of this one over IG the past few months. Featuring a cross that includes Now n Laterz and Jet Fuel Gelato, I have experienced first hand the savory terps, as well as the cerebral effects, this cultivar tends to put out. After a highly successful debut with the Gello, I had my hopes high that the Apples n Bananas would follow in those footsteps. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts!

Similar to how I received the Gello, the Apples n Bananas came in the same square, direct-to-print Mylar packaging. This one did stand out to me the most despite the fact that I found it to be on the simpler side of things as I did with the packaging on the Gello. Sporting a true purple background the front was covered with printed images of both apples and bananas (to no surprise). The apples were made up of a green color while the bananas yellow. Once again, very simple and to the point but with a colorway that has potential to capture the consumers attention right away. There really wasn’t too much else to point out on the bag itself although this did add a nice touch to the overall presentation.

When I popped open the Mylar bag containing the Apples n Bananas, an abruptly sweet and fruity odor ascended through the air waves. These aromas had distinct citrus undertones among the sweet, and sometimes, tangy fruit notes mentioned before. Grapes, apples and bananas were a few that truly stuck out but I also sensed there were a few more scents in there I couldn’t clearly detect. Nonetheless, you get the picture, very sweet and fruity with mixed berries as well as somewhat of a musty undertone in solid nug form. Upon taking the nugs out of the bag I was met with varying colas: some smaller, some massive. Most had an awkward shape to them, especially the larger ones. This cultivar was unique coming out the bag as some nugs were on the fluffier side whilst others were seemingly more difficult to break apart due to the combination of stickiness and density to them. On top of this, about half the nugs making up the zip received had a lighter fluorescent to lime green presentation while the other half were made up of frosty, darker purple hues. Under the MAG Jar, each one was well put together comprised of a dazzling drip of trichomes as well as a healthy amount of pistils. Not to leave out the fact that even the calyx on this one up close looked pretty crazy too. Out of the three offerings I received from Pleasant Effects, the Apples and Bananas I thought were the most aesthetically captivating. Breaking down the buds called for a grinder although, over time, this cultivar became a lot more manageable breaking down by hand which led to a better yield. When broken down, as well as cracked open, the Apples n Bananas exhibited fruity fuel notes giving it a well rounded sweet, but gassy, funk. Upon taking a dry pull from the joint I got a Juicy Fruit taste boasting diesel-like terps with thick overtones or pineapples and grapes.

When I sparked the Apples n Bananas in an Organic RAW, the initial inhales produced sweet, tangy citrus terps boding well with heavy amount of floral this cultivar threw off. The pulls were a solid 6-7 on the pressure spectrum as some snuck up on me from the get go. I must note that from early on in the sesh I could sense a taste for overripe bananas through some of mustiness on the exhale. Inching about a quarter the way in I began to experience those tangy terps become increasingly sharper throwing off mild diesel notes. As the pulls became heavier, that diesel Berry taste I’ve been dialing in on for lot of these fruity cultivars as of late came about. Between that and the diesel terps (borderline Chem) the Apples n Bananas put out a “black Sharpie permanent marker” after taste was left lingering on my taste buds. One dislike about this cultivar was that the burn on it was subpar. While, in most cases, the burn was slow and even although managed to get clogged up by the excess oil formed through each pull. There were times I put the joint out halfway and struggled to relight it once I proceeded to smoke the rest. Nonetheless, the burn did result in a lighter grey to white ash (mostly white) as well as an oily terp drip. No surprise given the magnitude of flavor this provided. Turning towards the second half of the sesh, I felt the pulls becoming increasingly sweet again. Pulling in tart apples on the inhale, the follow through produced a mix of banana and wheat terps. Another gripe was that the joint to become a little too caked up with oil making it feel like I was sucking some inhales through a punctured straw. All in all, the terp profile was more than impressive on the Apples n Bananas leading to an ultimately enjoyable smoke.

The medicinal effects provided from the Apples and Bananas was smooth as silk. Balanced in nature, by the second half of the sesh I felt my head spinning. As a cerebral sensation looped around my brain my body displayed increased relaxation.

This one hit differently as, at times, I wanted to get out and enjoy the surroundings; while, other times I desired to be left alone in thought. Within 30 minutes into the onset of effects, I felt mildly perceptive as my mood was seemingly carefree and warm-spirited. I also experienced an increased appetite after smoking the Apples and Bananas with a craving of ice cream of all things. Putting that summer body to work. As time progressed, I developed increasing amounts of euphoria experienced within my upper body. This gave me butterflies as well as an increased heartbeat all while my mood remained uplifted. Even though the effects left their impact they didn’t stay for an extended period. The effects wore off within an hour and half leaving me the urge to roll up again. Overall, there were many characteristics about the medicinal effects from the Apples and Bananas left to be desired, however, I did wish that they would last just a bit longer.

After having a chance to try the Apples and Bananas cultivated by Pleasant Effects, I would say the pluses from the experience definitely outweighed the minuses. To start, the presentation from the bag appeal to the nug itself was on point. The nose was as appetizing as it was multi-faceted. Once again, this is a cultivar that will appeal to both fruity and gas smokers alike. With the pressure this gives out, beginners may want to proceed with a little more caution although this is manageable too. Apart from some slight imperfections regarding the burn, the smoke checked a good amount of boxes. The medicinal effects also had a lot of upside to them. I believe they will work well for those suffering from any form of depression or mood-related illness for that matter. This was your class “good times” feel while under the influence so, if that’s your cup of tea, your in for a treat. Big shoutout again to Pleasant Effects for getting his coveted Apples and Bananas in my hand to review. I will conclude with one on his Danimals within the next week or so.

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Check out more reviews by @toptierterpsma on Instagram! (

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