Cultivar Review: Bangarang by Strain Mason

I got another banger from the homie @strain_mason in the form of the Bangarang so hot I decided to do a reel for it.

Lineage/Genetics: Bonkers x Rainbow Chip

Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix

Grower: Strain Mason

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Bangarang Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

This was yet another freebie from @exoticgenetix_official following in the form of so many fire freebies like Artificial Red, Tropical Runtz and Fizzy Drank. This time he crossed Bonkers(Lemon Tree*Cookies N Cream F2)with his Rainbow Chip(Sunset Sherb*Mint Chocolate Chip) to make yet another heater and of course with Strain Mason’s vetted growing techniques he has taken what can be a leafy larfy cultivar and has juiced it out to the max…..literally!

These are some long GMO shaped spears that sport that golden green gleam from a far but up close you can notice the tips show a silver blue tint. A mountain of trichomes dancing with the tangerine stigmas among the frosty leaves. The leaf to bud ratio has to reeled in on this one and it has been done masterfully. 24/25

Instantly out the jar is a pure citrus bliss of strong lemon grapefruit with a slight chemical gas backend. After a greasy breakdown the power of the citrus is like squeezing pure lemon and grapefruit zest in the air. The gas is cut with your run of the mill lemon floor cleaner that makes for a just down right astringent nose. 24/25

The flavor reminds me of Lemon Tree with the zesty lemon rind mixed with classic OG notes. Although this one comes with a twist of ruby red grapefruit that pops up in the finish that makes for sick layers of flavor. Dry pull is tangy sour lemon grapefruit that burns down to light grey ash and small resin ring. 24/25

The buzz is almost as electrifying as the taste with a headdy high that’s a pleasure to smoke all day long. Calming mental relaxation that boosts energy and mental focus with no paranoia or raciness. While onset does take a bit and typically last peaktime 45 min so it does keep you coming back for more but with such a pleasurable taste you won’t mind a bit. 21/25

93 points- #weedadvocate #strainmason


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