Cultivar Review: Smoothie by Revolution Cannabis

Today’s battle features @revolutioncanna brand new Smoothie strain. An in house creation of their award winning Florida Orange(Key Lime Surprise*Clementine)and their #14 cut of @symbioticgenetics creation Banana Punch (Banana OG*Purple Punch).

Lineage/Genetics: Florida Orange x Banana Punch #14

Original Breeder/Grower: Revolution Cannabis

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Smoothie Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

SM- 8th consisted of well cured mint green buds thats contains 6 smalls and 2 medium sized keify nugs. Frosted very nicely with bright beige trichomes and Harley Davidson orange pistils. 22/25

SM- Out the jar there is a chalky crayon vibe that breaks down to more strawberry banana milkshake and creamy kush. Surprisingly underwhelming orange terps from the Florida Orange. 19/25

SM- Very light creamy green banana and kush, no citrus at all. Bland unripened banana on the dry pull that burns down to white ash and small drip. 18/25

SM- Medium body relaxation with light headed buzz that lingers a bit but never strong. Good for a calming high that welcomes newcomers to the Indica dark side. This hits with a 30-40 min buzz for the headstrong. 18/25

SM- 77 points



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