Cultivar Review: Sour Candy by Doja Exclusive

Sour Candy #SourCandy by @doja.pak x @doja.ek.916

Lineage/Genetics:  Guava Oreoz x Gelato x blue cookies @dubzgarden_ cut) source @thethcspot

Original Breeder: Dubz Garden

Grower: Doja Exclusive

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Sour Candy Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Welcome back to live reviews — featuring my stoner bro @robbreefa. Today we did a live review on the Sour Candy. The story behind this tasty beauty is that she is the Sister cut of Bernie Hana butter bred by dubz garden. Rumor has it, this sour candy was a mistake in the making due to accidental pollination. The nugs structure remind me of one of doja’s lineup GG x Oreoz x Biscotti & @dubzgarden_ guava oreoz. The scent has that sweet gelato floral, oreoz gas ⛽️ aroma. The taste is a sweet sour candy palate similar to the LCG, cherry Runtz and gelatos. It has a creamy pungent oreoz, after taste.

The high was a low medium level on the first joint, medium high on the 2 gramer cali joint . The ashes burn dirty, the inhale was harsh in fumes not harsh in throat bitterness. The smoke 💨 had me chest locked . Overall it has the taste, the smell, even the looks & high. The only thing I didn’t like it remind me of your typical gelato. Yes it got me nice, but no big surprise after the hype being built around the flower. I believe it has potential and will dial in on a better run.. shoutout to for the blessings and @doja.pak and the #dojagang for the consistency. Sour Candy gets a 3.5/5 ….

Reefa Report by @robbreefa

High ✅
Taste ✅
Appeal ✅
Smell ✅
Smoke ✅
Memorable ❌

@burlandoelsystema ratings – 5/10

Tune for the full live soon… check the recap …

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