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Strain Review: Maroon Baboon by Bobby Mac’s Personals

Maroon Baboon🐒⭕️ Review Lineage/Genetics: GelatoGrease Monkey Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix Grower: Bobby Mac’s Personals

Maroon Baboon Strain Review

. @bobbymacspersonals . 🔥The aroma is invigorating and fills the air with a mouth watering musky skunk, peanut butter and peppery spice aroma. . 🐒The nugs have a wide range of green hues with hinta of violet developing in clusters throughout each nug with dark green/midnight purple outer leaves, desert orange/light brown pistils and a sugary coat of trichomes. . ⭕️The flavors closely match aroma and remind me of peanut butter breath terps. When you inhale you get a deep skunky musk and peanut butter taste with a hint of earthy spice. The flavors are consistent throughout each puff, sometimes you get some bitter chocolate notes towards the end of your exhale. . 🔥The high is super relaxing andsnd heavily attacks your body. Your mind is at ease as a thick haze clouds your mind weighing down and burying your stressful thoughts. Your body slows down but you dont become completely couchlocked , instead your on a long slow cloud of ambition that keeps you social but makes your forget that you’re super stoned. Heavy body sedation eventually catches up , your limbs will feel super heavy like making it a great smoke before bed
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