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Strain Review: Venom OG by Bobby Mac’s Personals

Venom OG 🐍Review Lineage/Genetics: Poison OG x Rare Dankness #1 Original Breeder: Rare Dankness Seeds Grower: Bobby Mac’s Personals

Bobby Mac’s Personals Venom OG Review

. @bobbymacspersonals . 🐍Mid heavy aroma with notes of pine , cream lavender and a deeper hint of lime lysol. The flavors are lavendar and earthy with some creamy pine hints. . 🔥The nugs are purple and kushy with some really dark green outer leaves ,bright orange pistils and a dusty coat of trichomes. The leaves are soft and crisp and hold a nice structure great for rolling. . 💯The high was strong and balanced, initially I felt a mind calming sensation hit me mind clearing up my thoughts making it easier to make decisions and accept the world around me. Your body gets a slight boost of energy but it ultimately plays against you because just when you think your good your motor skills slowdown and you find yourself couchlocked, stuck and stoned. A fun smoke with friends.
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