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Dab Review: Funkie Cookie Lava Rosin by Lazercat

Funkie Cookie rosin lava from @lazercatcannabis. Lineage/Genetics: Grape Cookies x GMO Original Breeder: Lazercat Cannabis Grower/Processor: Lazercat Cannabis

Funkie Cookie Lava Rosin Review

I’m a huge fan of this one, it’s truly a heavy hitter 👊. Being a cross of two strains Lazercat already grows well, Grape Cookies and GMO, I was pretty sure it would be up my alley! Really good mix of the smooth Grape Cookies flavor with some funk from the GMO adding more depth to its terpene profile 👏. Happy I scooped two grams! #hashrosin #cannabiscommunity #coloradodabs #solventless
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Check out more reviews by @austnpickett on Instagram! (

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