Edible Review: Gelato by FrostBros (Strawberry, Mango, Coconut)

Gm Fam, today we have a special review from a local dc company, @frostbrosdmv Gelato. There were 3 flavors to try strawberry,mango and coconut, i did one session with one cup and another with 2 cups.

Processor: FrostBros

FrostBros Strawberry, Mango, and Coconut Gelato Review

gelato by frostbros edible review by cannasaurus_rex_reviewsAppearance – Upon opening the cups it all looked smooth creamy and soft, had a great color to the gelato. The packaging was ok, I would like to see a nice customized container with a cup inside a box with artwork and logos(that would finish off the product nicely) the cup and lid were very sturdy but would create a nice eye appeal to grab your attention and make you have to have it just that much more.

Smell – The smell was quite decadent, each cup smelled of fresh fruit(made with all natural ingredients) and a hint of cannabis, the coconut had the most unique smell almost like a freshly opened almond joy. The strawberry smelled like you just walked into a fresh strawberry patch sweet and absolutely mouth watering, the mango smelled of crisp ripe mangos with that sweet yet slight sour smell, i love fruity terps!!!!!!

Taste – Pure heaven, fresh, creamy, smooth, with a hint of cannabis taste, not to over powering deffinetly more of the flavor of the gelato than a cannabis taste, these could be dangerous if you had alot, you do not want to stop eating them because it like having a delicious snack in the middle of the day and you wouldnt taste the difference to much.

The consistency was perfect in each cup, no void in the cup at all. The strawberry was my favorite as I love strawberries and you could taste the natural fresh ingredients, the coconut tasted just like the coconut off of a somoa girl scout cookie🔥( if you could recreate that in a gelato I would eat like 5 of them in a row) and im not usually big on coconut, last but not least, the mango was sweet and filled your pallet with fresh sweet tangy bites of deliciousness.

Needless to say, they are all tasty, all perfect consistency, very well done @frostbrosdmv!!

Effects – 1 cup-went with the strawberry by itself, about 30 mins in I felt that warm peaking feeling, it didn’t get to over powering, my body became warm and tingly all over at about the 1 hour mark, I feel relaxed, not a tight muscle is in my body, I feel like a kid again, i have the energy to conquer the world, lets fast forward a little, 4 hours later I am still coasting just as strong as I was at 1 hour, still very clear still filled with energy im just floating on a cloud and nothing could bring me down, the buzz wore out after about 5.5 to 6 hours off the one cup, for myself that was perfect i did jot once feel to fucked up and was lit out of my mind all day and still able to take care of everything I needed to during the day. I did not feel groggy on the comedown as I have had that happen with other edibles.

2 cups – Man you want to talk about, couchlock, and being weed drunk, eat 2 of these suckers!! It came on a little slower than the strawberry, about 45 mins to feel that first peak, as it hit about 2 hours my eyes looked like a Christmas tree lit up red, everything felt heavy, as if somebody attatched concrete to my hands and feet, I was very wobbly, yet I still had energy to do some things around the house, that was until i hit around 4 hours, I had to sit and relax as i was really floored by this point, I kept nodding off slighty as I sat there, but the kids made sure to not let me sleep, i started to come down hard around 7 hours, I could barely keep my eyes open fluttering in and out of a conciousness sleep, the dreams I had were super vivid and wild(I was an adventurer searching for great myan treasures, it was like I was in a movie like indiana jones, it felt so real) I slept like a rock and did not wake up once.

So I give this @frostbrosdmv Gelato ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

All but the packaging was flawless, I recommend this amazing treat to anyone that needs something to keep them going all day long, just dont eat to much as it is easily done, the shear love and quality put into this edible is quite remarkable, possibly one of the best infused treats i have ever had, if you want a product that strives for perfection you’ve found it!

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