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Edible Review: Medicated Cake Jars by Chronic Cakes

@chronic.cakes Cookies and Cream 🍪/ Strawberry Crunch 🍓🍰 . 500 mg thc each jar made with cannabis infused ingredients Brand: Chronic Cakes

Chronic Cakes Medicated Cake Jars Review

. First things 1st, these cakes taste better than anything in the dispensaries. I got them as gift to myself for my birthday (2/2♒️) . The cakes are delicious and you will forget that your even eating an edible, they aren’t too moist which is something i worried about being in the glass jar. The bread isnt too dense or too lite and the flavors are consistent and not too overbearing, even though they are sweet. @ko_smokez and I ate half a cake each then waited like 2 hours before eating the second half. They took between 30-60 minutes to kick in. We threw them in the fridge before eating (highly recommend eating with ice cream for a plus). . The high seemed to activate in a way that made me feel like someone pressed a stoned button on my back. Eating the edible made our time watching the @kevonstage @keepyourdistancecomedy show made it that much more funnier and entertaining i reccommend yall give it watch. Overall a great birthday treat. Both edibles have these effects: hard hitting, long lasting, body relaxing, mood enhancing, fun, silly and giggly, active, stress relief, regulate appetite, aphrodisiac,red eyes, munchies . 🍪Cookies And Cream🍪 -tastes like real oreo cookies were ingredients because you can really taste the distinct oreo cream filling in the icing as well as see the and taste crumbled cookies. -hints of thc taste show up the bottom of the jar -the bread cake had a coffee taste to it which went really well with the cookies and cream flavors, it couldve been just the the ingredients being absorbed by the bread, either way it was great. Layers cookies, icing then cake . 🍓🍰Strawberry Crunch Cake🍰🍓 -Vanilla frosting and strawberry cake with tastey crunch candy like the ones on the strawberry crunch ice cream bar. – you can taste hints of thc in the icing or maybe the butter and slightly stronger tasting than in the cookies and cream cake. -the candy is chewy and mixed in throughout the jar. Layers candy,icing, then cake
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