Strain Review: Doughlato (Dolato) from Haze Dispensary

DoughLato 🥖💃🏿💰 aka Dolato
Indica Dominant Exotic Cannabis Flower

Lineage/Genetics: Dolato 41 x Moonbow 75

Original Breeder: Archive Seeds

Grower: The Peakz Company

Dispensary: Haze Dispensary

DoughLato (Dolato) Strain Review

doughlato (dolato) by the peakz company strain review by 2.
30.07 % THC
36.86 %Total Cannabinoid
🖤BLACK HISTORY🖤 In The making
Been a fan of @thepeakzcompany and @g5thejett since 2014 back when they were called @thegreenpeakz and the flower has only gotten better since then. They were one of my 1st real exotic shelf purchases. The Peakzco brand has even extended its reach to the music biz be sure to check out @estherruse shes next up for sure. 💯💯 Be on the look out for a throwback post🤙🏿
Check Out @trunorcal420 & @theghettotreeconnoisseur review on this strain soon to be featured in a post on @westcoastsmokeshow
Super frosty, big dense hardball nugs.
Dark Green leaves with slight purple hues on the outside and light melon green toward stem with vivid clusters of orange pistils.
1st hit is potent af and goes straight to the head.
Immediately you taste a deep fresh dough and slight warm milk flavor. A couple puffs in as you adjust to the strain the you can taste faint hints of the creamy gelato and sweet dosido. overall a doughy, slightly creamy flavor.
Strong fast acting high that quickly puts your mind in a daze , soon followed by a sense of serenity. About half way through you notice that your body feel like its filled with a cloud and your body and head feel generally lighter like a fresh baked roll of bread. Which only makes sense because i got it for deal, which kept some dough in my pockets while @ko_smokez and i had a smoked out wake n bake hot box this quarantined Valentines Day. The best part is that the heavy relaxtion this strain bring doesn’t put you to sleep but in instead regulates your mood and leaves you in a long lasting peaceful state of being. Great for pain, stress, depression, and insomnia.
🎶what it feels like – nipsey & jay z

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