Strain Review: Alien Orange Cookies x Wilson by Masonic Smoker


By: @_masonic__smoker @novicefarmervt

Via: @districtflorist

Lineage/Genetics: Alien Orange Cookies x Wilson

Original Breeder: Novice Farmer

Grower: Masonic Smoker

Alien Orange Cookies x Wilson Strain Review

Today we look at AOC x Wilson, a heavy hitter brought to the city by District Florist and grown by the same people behind Compton Landrace. One of the parents, Wilson, (Banana OG x Papaya) x Tropicanna is the popular base of many current Masonic seed projects. The results of this cut of AOC x Wilson are simply stunning. I was gifted a single, massive boulder which looks like a snow-covered christmas tree with its trichome coverage. Some of the glands have even retained an ever slightly resinous consistency. Pastel greens make up the base of the bud, but you’ll notice the full spectrum of greens as you draw your eyes across the bud, also picking up on subtle, sun kissed undertones and a network of healthy apricot colored pistils.

The initial whiffs of AOC x Wilson are predominately a musky-sweet floral scent with a faint, overripe citrus tone. Break open the bud however, and the nose explodes with a piercing fresh orange juice/tropical smoothie like terps, backed by slight tones of diesel and pine-sol. Through a water pipe, AOC x W smokes with a floral, peachy/banana “fresh fruit basket” feel to each hit, with a familiar cookie-like earthy and sugary flavor and just a touch of gas.

AOC x Wilson has that ‘super stoned’ potential. This strain provides a swift, yet gripping smack to the face that lands right behind the eyes, instantly clouding the full frontal lobe of the brain. AOC x W provides a lasting, foggy, cerebral pressure and a deep state of introspection, the epitome of the highest sought after stoney trance and thought consuming high. Physically, the effects are more subtle, most notably minor body tingles, numbness and tension relief in the limbs, but the intensity of the head high alone can truly imitate some of the strongest of couch locks. Personally, I cherish these intense, cerebral dominant highs.

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