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Strain Review: Andretti OG by Andretti Canna Co

Andretti Og 🏎🏁🛫 Review Indoor Cannabis Indica . @andretticannaco @spitta_andretti @dr.greenthumbssanfrancisco @showtimedist Lineage/Genetics: Dosi #9 Original Breeder: Curren$y Grower: Andretti Canna Co Dispensary: Dr. Greenthumbs

Andretti OG Strain Review

Lab Tested by @cannanalysis Smiled On Me 🎵🎵🎵 . 32.03% THC 37.47% Total Cannabinoids Test: 11~25~20 Pack: 1~28~21 . 🤙🏿Headlining the the new series launched in 2017 , this flower is said to be @andrettico ‘s most sought out strain. Andretti OG was handpicked by Curren$y from a small group of long-time elite farmers, as well as inheriting its name from the MCs pseudonym, Spitta Andretti. Originally an ancient, isolated OG strain Curren$y found at a High Times Cup for its high potency and astronomical effects before being perfected into the strain we have today. . 🏎Meticulously grown without pesticides, “no PGRs, carcinogens or phospho-loads” and basically anything else that can be used to manipulate a plants natural growth. (Grower notes: “used cocogrow, LED & HPS, moderate watering) . 🏁Big, fluffy, super sticky classic kushy nug structure dancing in trichome diamonds. Forest green in color with a golden yellow tinge and vibrant fiery orange pistils. Dont worry about your nugs turning to dust with this one you can expect well structured leaves. As you break down each kola, pungent aromatic waves of kush hit your nose priming you for a traditional, super stoney , potent OG high. . 🛫Classic, pure dank, piney kush flavor with consistent grounded notes of sweet, woody, earthy, caramel with spicey skunk hints and slight citrus. The aroma matches the flavor with an old school pure, sweet, piney, super dank,kush scent. 🔥Heavy, potent, smoke with a super slow burn. I didn’t cough once or even have any agitation at all. From the first puff you feel lifted energy throughout you mind and body , setting you up for a long lasting, stoney, mind stimulating, couch locking high. As your mood and creativity enhances, youll find yourself immediately absorbed into a euphoric state for hour on end making this strain great for anytime. @ko_smokez & I took a trip to @dr.greenthumbssanfrancisco right after seeing this strain available on @weedmaps . To really enjoy the full benefits of the strain, we smoked at nice view and went on a little hike to see an even better view of SF (swipe to see). The come down is couchlocking making it great for insomnia and getting a good night’s sleep. Definitely the best flower ive smoked so far this year
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