Strain Review: Animal Face by Lodestar Cannabis

Animal Face – @lodestarcannabis2.0

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: (Faceoff OG x Animal Mints)

Bred by: Seed Junky Genetics @beezyblends

Cultivated by: Lodestar Cannabis

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Lodestar Animal Face Review

Nose: Earthy, piney, musty, diesel, zesty
Inhale: Diesel, citrus, earthy, pepper
Exhale: Sweet, musty, earthy, cakey, gassy

Hey what’s up everyone? I hope you alll are enjoying your day and ready for another review. I originally posted this one on Sunday and, due to a labeling mixup, errantly listed it under the Lone Tree. The Animal Face I will be reposting today actually belongs to Lodestar and I wanted to apologize first off to both brands for the mix up. I haven’t had anything up for review from from Lodestar since I went over their Peanut Butter Breath which I believe is a tough act to follow. If you are looking for background info on Lodestar I’d suggest you check out the first paragraph on the pbb I did for them. For those of you who didn’t know but Animal Face is a cross between Animal Mints and Faceoff OG. Being that it was my first time trying this cultivar I was curious to see it’s potential. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts!

When I received the Animal Face, it was gifted in a small but wide glass Jar with a standard, black twist off lid. Once the lid was removed, my first impressions of the smell was that it had heavy scents of earth and pine on the nose. In addition to this, I received a faint smell of gas as well as a touch of must and zest. The pungent odor given off by each nug gave me strong implications of OG. When I pulled the larger-sized nugs out of jar my fingers were spread out on the sharp, prickly colas that made up the structure. They resembled shades of light and forest green with darker purple hues spread across in the mix. This was topped off by a healthy amount of triches as well as pistils that covered the body of each nug. Although each one felt a little on the drier side when held, that notion was dispelled upon breaking the buds up.

True to what I expected, the medicinal effects that the Animal face provided were energetic, inspiring, and perfect for day time use. The heavy gas on the inhale did leave my eyes super red and watery leading a mind-boggling feel at first. However, this didn’t last long for me and I eventually found the urge to do something productive. I found this useful for menial work tasks as well as working out. Despite the cold recently, this one gave me that extra boost for morning runs. I was, however, a little underwhelmed by the total duration of the high this cultivar produced. As potent and cerebral as the high was it seemed as if it wore away within an hour leaving me with the urge to smoke more even after. All in all, I was impressed by how hard hitting the medicinal effects were when present during the high.

After smoking the Animal Face by Lodestar I wasn’t as thrilled with it as their Banana Cream, PBB, or some other offerings they have. However, I did think it was a fairly enjoyable smoke and a “no brainer” for anyone who loves a flavorful OG smoke with a moderately hard hitting Sativa-like high. This is probably the 4-5th time I’ve had the chance to try something from Lodestar and I feel like every time they are shaking it up a little. I’ll definitely be on the look out more from them and others up in the Maine cannabis market.

When I broke up the Animal Face in my grinder, each one became a lot more sticky in substance. To add to that, the break up resulted in an enormous amount of kief particles stuck to my fingertips as well as in the pile of grounded up bud on my rolling tray. I also could smell a vibrant odor similar to the garlic funk exhibited in most GMO cultivars which I thought was bizarre. The yield was on par allowing me to fill out the joint nicely. Upon taking a dry pull of the joint, I received heavy notes of diesel and a lighter taste of sweetness which was topped by an earthy, mossy layer.

When I sparked the Animal Face in an Organic RAW, right off the rip I was graced with powerful diesel and lemon citrus taste which was reminiscent of the Faceoff OG. The exhales exhibited a lot more of a sweet and musty undertone, soothing the gaseous taste this cultivar fed off. A little deeper into the sesh (about 1/4 of the way in) I started to catch sweeter and more sugary terps on the way out. The pulls became a little more smoother at this point as a peppery taste accompanied the pungency of diesel and citrus. The distinct traits from the Animals Mints parent became more prevalent throughout the sesh. The burn on the Animal face was perfect, however, the ash that resulted from this displayed a salt and pepper color. There was a moderately thick terp drip that surrounded the perimeter of the joint but the ash failed to show any lighter shades the further into the sesh I got. The pulls were gassy the entire duration of the smoke although I did receive a small loss of flavor at the tail end of the sesh. Nonetheless, I was impressed overall by the way the Animal Face smoked and the apparent OG qualities I spotted in the process.



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