Strain Review: Baycio

Baycio – @deepinthebag.official x @official_baysfinest30

Nose: Spicy, creamy, berry, earthy, floral nutty
Inhale: Floral, diesel, citrus, berry, creamy, spicy
Exhale: Musty, citrus, creamy, diesel, floral

Genetics 🧬: Gelato 41 x Jet Fuel Gelato

Bred by: Waiting on Confirmation

Cultivated by: Waiting on Confirmation

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Baycio Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

baycio strain review by toptierterpsmaHey what’s up everyone? We made it to hump day, it’s the mid-point of the week and, as you might of guessed it, I have another review for you all. Today, I will be going over another installment as it pertains to the collaboration efforts between Deep In The Bag 415 and Bays Finest 30. As mentioned in my previous review, these two brands have a knack for their number of inspiring candy and gas crosses around the Bay Area. The Baycio that will be featured today is cross between Gelato 41 and Jet Fuel Gelato. This was one, upon learning about, that peaked my curiosity on the potential effects this could have in store. With a unique blend on the nose and prominent aesthetics, I had a slight feeling beforehand this cultivar would have an edge on the Candy Beach I previously reviewed. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts!

I received the Baycio in the the same standard square Mylar package I did as the Candy Beach. I thought the bag appeal was almost like a poor mans version of artwork found on the Candy Beach. It displays the SF Bay Bridge similar to the previous bag art. Overlooking the Bay Bridge on this one is a giant scoop of vanilla soft serve. Only one giant scoop of ice team laid in the bay this time around with a treasure sheet and sword sitting on top of it. I give some credit to the bizarre colorway but, besides that, the bag appeal on this one was pretty cliché in my opinion.

When I got the chance to open up the bag I was hit with an undeniably creamy and gassy nose on the Baycio. This was packed with heavy notes of cream, spice and berry. I also noticed more sample-sized scents of floral, earthy, and a bit of nuttiness. All those flavors combined into one to give the Baycio a unique Gelato nose. Upon pulling the nugs out of the bag, I was met with medium sized buds that were a lot more aesthetically put together than the Candy Beach was. Each one was made up of a dark purple coloring with some lighter greens poking out in certain areas. As mentioned, the buds had thick triche coverage; however, what impressed me was the fact how of intact the numerous bright-orange pistils were that saturated the structure. The structure of the nugs were about a 70/30 density vs. spongy make up five or take. Considering this, the yield up break up was a little above par than majority of gelato/Runtz crosses I have seen come through the Boston area. Upon breaking the bud up, those notes of spice and berries intensified in the midst of thick creamy scent. The dry pull on the joint consisted of a creamy and spicy dark berry flavor with a rubbery finish.

When I sparked the Baycio in an Organic RAW, the first few pulls drawn in were harsh. Nonetheless about 6-8 rips in I started pulling those spiced cream terps I grew fond of on the nose. This also included a heavy mix of floral and diesel notes reminiscent of the Gelato 41 parent within the lineage. As a result of this taste, the pulls, for the most part, were gassy and led to some minor coughing. On the way out, the smoke exhibited a mustier cream finish with a backlog of those some floral and diesel terps found on the inhales. A little ways into the sesh (near the halfway mark) the spice on the smoke grew to high portions as a faint honey mustard taste formed. However, I was still consumed by the taste of berries and cream giving the overall terp profile a captivating sweetness. The overall flavor on this was astounding as well as it was interesting seeing the way that the cross between the G41 and Jetlato played out. The Baycio resulted in a thick paper-mâché style white ash with a spotty terp ring. The burn was consistent throughout as were the flavors I mentioned. These two are known for their unique candy/fruity style crosses, and I believe the smoke on the Baycio was certainly a gem in their catalog upon trying.

Not only was the smoke on the Baycio potent, the medicinal effects were just as complimentary. Before I even had the chance to put the joint out, my eyes became teary and red from the heavy pulls. The first signs were throbbing heartbeats along with a slight eurphoria that overtook the mind and body. Around 10-15 minutes after I put the joint out I was engaged in a fully body high as well as a deep state of relaxation. This was accompanied by an intense, mind-blowing sensation in the front of my head. I felt a consistent loss in my train of thought along with a dull, sleepy feel on this.

Over the course of the next hour, I really felt carefree, relaxed, and slumped on the couch. I fought to keep my eyes open on this but the thumping heartbeats and slight paranoia gave me enough push to exempt me from a deep slumber. The duration on this was well over an hour and half leaving no signs of a comedown in sight for awhile. All in all, this was the high I anticipated to ensue from a smoke that was pack with flavor and potency.

I was impressed by the all-around outcome of the Baycio from when I first opened the bag until the effects wore off. I would encourage anyone who loves a flavorful smoke or complex Gelato profile with a creamy taste to give this a try. The high was great and will hit the spot for anyone looking for a solid finish to the day. Additionally, this should go hand in hand for anyone struggling with sleep loss or any related illnesses. Although my heart resides with a lot of the local New England cultivars/staples, I will say this is one of the more impressive ones I have tried from an out of region market. This concludes what I have on Bays Finest at the moment but I will have one more to follow on Deep in the Bag next week which will include Deep’s Burgers.



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