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Strain Review: Black Gushers by Gas No Brakes

BLACK GUSHERS A Gushers [Gelato 41 x Triangle Kush] Phenotype By: @gasnobrakes777 Via: @24k_exotics Lineage/Genetics: Gelato 41 x Triangle Kush Original breeder: Cookies Fam Genetics Grower: Gas No Brakes Distributor: 24k Exotics

Black Gushers Strain Review

Today we take a look at Black Gushers by Gas No Brakes, brought to us by our friends 24k Exotics. GNB’s Black Gushers, whose exact genetics are undisclosed, is one of the parents to Rusherz, our last reviewed strain. My eighth consisted of one spectacularly large nug (pictured), and two smaller ‘popcorn’ buds. Structure-wise, these Black Gushers flowers are bulbous, rounded and fairly compact, medium to high density, with a slightly spongey give and topped off with beautifully manicure job. The strain possesses a kaleidoscope of pastel colors ranging from spring bug green, to heather and mulberry purples with streaks of violet blue. Like morning dew, a sheen of lustrous trichomes cling to the buds and give Black Gushers a “snow dusted” look in the sunlight (second and third slide). First whiffs of Black Gushers are super funky and bold, boasting a musky licorice aroma with a sweet tang akin to fresh cranberry juice or raspberry lemonade. The flavor of the smoke, however, leans more woody, tart and sour than sugary. I was picking up on a skunky, spiced mulled wine on the inhale, followed by an earthy cherry gas on the backend. Black Gushers possesses more of a classic terp profile, but really isolates some nowadays hard to find flavor to the table. I found Black Gushers to have a seductive dual effect wherein my mental state and mood were elevated while physically, time slowed and the body sank into a state of stoney serenity. The high settles into the lower forehead, sitting ever slightly heavy on the eyes and eyebrows. That modest pressure is enough to unlock a weightless, care-free cerebral rush while warming physical waves subtly provided tension relief. #Budfinder • • • • #dcbud #dc420 #420 #dcweed #stoner #marijuana #dccannabisculture #strainfinder #thc #dccannabis #puffpuffpass #dopesmoke #dmv420 #topshelf #stoner #whiteashonly #cleanmeds #i71 #gasnobrakes #gushers #blackgushers
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Check out more reviews by @budfinderdc on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/budfinderdc)

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