Strain Review: Blanco by Mad Cow Genetics

Roll another one #blanco

Brand: Lemonnade x Mad Cow Genetics

Cultivar: Blanco

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: COOKIES x LEMONNADE

Grower: Mad Cow Genetics

Blanco Strain Review

<2% CBD

Comments: Didn’t have a chance to grab that first batch that was nearly 40% so when I saw this was available, it was a must. **Note this was picked up well over a month and a half ago, just posting now**


1. Scent: A menthol hit in the back of the throat on the exhale.

2. Appearance: Crazy spiny looking nugs white coated try combs reddish orange hairs just while looking

3. Nug Structure: not super dense all pulls apart nicely by hand but did use a grinder quite a bit to try to get some trichomes off these nugs.

4. Smoke: Damn. This grabs slightly on the throat but not harsh whatsoever. Nice cloud off the bub. If I use the bong it’s slightly “harsher” but a clean bub was legit.

5. Taste: Powerful spices hit, reminds me of a Romulan from years ago. Peppery. Mouth salivates instantly on first rip.

6. Reaction: Jacked. Eyes are blitz, gamin focused on Warzone, absolutely waxing fools and enjoying this stone for sure.

7. Conclusion: Terps over % every day. I knew they had a crazy cut at nearly 40% like I mentioned above. However, I really dig this one and the flavors are great for my stash. The stone was good one, would get again. Ticket is on the upper level but it is also becoming the normal prescient for a 8th. Worth it in my opinion.

8. Side note: grab this hot minute ago so I look forward to seeing it appear at Lemonnade again.


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Check out more reviews by @trunorcal420 on Instagram! (

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