Strain Review: Do-si-dos by Grow Sciences

Do-Si-Dos (OGKB x Face Off OG) by @growsciences

Lineage/Genetics: Face Off OG bX1 x OGKB

Original Breeder: Archive Seed Bank

Grower: Grow Sciences

Grow Sciences Do-si-dos Strain Review

Been about a solid year since I picked up a straight dosidos strain and I always hear good shit about GS dosi but then again just about everything they whip up is certified fire so you already know I was hella excited to get into this one!

The SECOND you lay eyes on this bud your mouth instantly drops. Absurd amount of trichome production truly making this bud damn near completely white minus some stubborn bigger darker leaves. Definitely some mature trichomes which translates to that ridiculous #hangtime🤏🏽 Can’t forget about those absolutely stunning orange hairs🤩 So damn hairy looks like these nugs just walked out the salon with a fresh perm💇🏼‍♀️

Pop the top on these signature seals and you’re greeted by that classic musky earthy peppery kush that is produced by the two OG powerhouses OGKB & Face Off😈 For some odd reason I was getting a stale cereal aroma as well like a honey bunches of oats or cheerios😂

The flavor is on point. These two loud OG’s collide to create a mouth-staining flavor. Classic OG flavor but more on the kush side than gas which is still delicious as fuck🤤 So delicious where I smacked my lips for about a combined total of 5 minutes throughout the sesh😂

This flower already had a damn near perfect score and then the effects just plop a cherry on top of it all🍒 First the head becomes very spacey but you feel incredibly uplifted and surprisingly joyful! But don’t be fooled cause that OG will eventually show up and make those eyelids heavyy. Body very relaxed with a slight buzz down to the feet. Just all around an incredibly clean high🔥

From the bag appeal, to the smell, to the effects…this is hands down my favorite GS strain atm. Everything you’re looking for in quality flower this bud posses. GS once again showing why THEY are THE BEST in AZ🔥

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