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Strain Review: Double Cup by Pearl Pharma

Thanks to @pearl_pharma for this beautiful Double Cup strain #doublecup at 26% THC. Lineage/Genetics: Amnesia Haze x Biker OG Indica or Sativa: Indica dominant Hybrid Original Breeder: Karma Genetics Grower: Pearl Pharma

Double Cup Strain Review

Popping open the jar releases a sweet berry scent, grape and earthy notes. The nugs are light, fluffy even but break down easily. Not a lot of dust on the fingers packing a bowl. First smoke of the day and I notice my mind wondering, stumbling my words a bit 15 mins in. Body is feeling a bit anxious, like I should but doing something more exciting than a 20/20 episode. With that said, 40 ish mins in now has lead me to pack another. All in all, good enough to go back to, but the daily user might need a few more hits to feel it hit harder. #weedreviews #cannabiscommunity #cannabis #weeddouble cup by pearl pharma strain review by trunorcal420 3
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Check out more reviews by @trunorcal420 on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/trunorcal420)

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