Strain Review: Exit 31 by Infamous Farms

Exit 31 – @infmsfarms

Nose: Garlic, sour, musty, earthy
Inhale: Gassy, musky, earthy, sour
Exhale: Earthy, spicy, touches of garlic and pine.

Lineage/Genetics: Undisclosed

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Infamous Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Exit 31 Strain Review

exit 31 by infamous farms strain review by toptierterpsma 2What’s up everyone? We made it to hump day and we’re half way through the week 🙌🏻. Today we have the second to last installment for a long series of reviews we’re doing for Infamous Farms (as you can tell). Although this is not typical of me, this one I did save because it was one of their more impressive offerings and I would consider this a third wheel to the QB Cannoli and Twin OG. The Exit 31 will certainly grab the attention of you and your nose. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts!

This was another unique design for the bag. It was in a standard Mylar bag but this seemed a little more durable. Additionally the printing material was on par giving it an added touch.

Upon opening the bag, an almost overbearing aroma which reminded me of garlic and sour graced my nose. When I pulled a huge, lanky goldish nug out it almost reminded me of GMO but this was way too sticky and not enough purple. The smell was definitely more complex than some of their other offerings which made it tough to pin point some of the other notes in there. This nug (and the others) easily stuck to pretty much anything you put them against. You could tell this by the impressive residue stains on the mylar inside the bag. Breaking this up was though and wasn’t yielding a lot not matter what you do. Your best bet is the 2-grind method to make the buds a little thicker when stuffing the joint.

Overall Rating 8.7/10

When I sparked this up in an organic RAW it took a few pulls to get it going due to the stickiness. After the 3rd or 4th pull I started to draw gassy and slow burning pulls out of the joint. These heavy pulls we’re complimented with extremely gassy terps consisting of musk and earth with a sourish feel upon inhaling. Expect a little pressure in the chest when smoking the Exit 31. On the way out you could feel those earthy notes retained with a mix of spicy garlic which I was expecting due to the nose of this bud. The sourish garlic taste was certainly noticeable around a third of the way through adding an overly gassy feel on the way in. The Exit 31 drew a bone white ash and, as mentioned, had a relatively slow burn and thick res ring. The slow burn also attributed to a thick cherry throughout the smoke so no worries about this one going out even if you sit on it for a little. Overall the taste of the Exit 31, along with its distinguished nose, was inevitably the main attraction for this smoke.

It didn’t take long for me to blast off into orbit off this one. I was hit with a full body high putting me in a very comfortable state the handful of times smoking it. I remember when I first tried this it was before a Red Sox playoff game. I was high alright but I felt like I wasn’t as ripped as I was calm, joyful, and at peace with almost everything around me. I remember having some good conversations with those around me and overall was a nice feel-good high. I’m not sure if more of a beginner smoker could tolerate this in public but doesn’t hurt to try sometimes right? Overall, I can attest that the smokability to this was above average.

My recommendation isn’t that difficult here. If you are a fan for weird and heavy terps/nose that hit hard but leaving a cool tingle in your body this if for you. I wouldn’t suggest this to beginners, however, intermediate smokers and up will more than likely enjoy this. Additionally, if you struggle with anxiety like I do or depression I think this would do the trick. I personally, thought the Exit 31 was one of those exceptions to a lot of the fancy mylar bag weed going around nowadays and wouldn’t hesitate to try this again.



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