Strain Review: Full Metal Jacket from RISE Cannabis

Full Metal Jacket 25.1% THC @rise.cannabis cannabis

Lineage: Face Off OG x Grandpa’s Breath (OGKB x (Tahoe OG x GDP)

Original Breeder: Dungeon Vault Genetics

Dispensary: RISE Cannabis

Full Metal Jacket Strain Review

full metal jacket from rise cannabis strain review by strain_gamesTry this one on for size Faceoff OG meets Grandpa’s Breath. RISE has done it again with this fine Indica. Full Metal Jacket has a one of a kind smell that is sort of sweet musk diesel delight. It also kind of made me think candy 🍬. The effects are very noticeable and this strain is pretty heavy on the body, it was almost as if I had put a metal jacket on 😉. You could get couched locked with this one but it did not put me to sleep. I did space out for a second and forget to check the grill but it all worked out just fine 😁. I think multiple sessions would make the Jacket heavier and heavier until couch lock and sleep next. Relaxation comes on strong 💪 with this one. Full Metal Jacket provides an intense experience just like Stanley Kubrick’s film.

At the Strain Games Medal Presentation Full Metal Jacket easily took home the gold 🥇. RISE is on another level with quite a few of their strains. This batch while not as high on the terpene percentages as I have seen from them was still great medicine. I can’t wait to try them again and I am not counting on a store up here anytime soon but hey dreams do sometimes come true. Be sure to check out RISE if you are lucky enough to have one near you. I think most patients would have RISE in their top 3 for flower although I have been hearing much about the 🔥🔥🔥 from Columbia and Growhealthy lately.

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