Strain Review: GMO Rootbeer by Skunktek x Mean Gene from Mendocino

GMO Rootbeer – @jewswhoinfuse

Nose: Earthy, spicy, musty, garlic, piney
Inhale: Earthy, fruity, floral, ginger, spicy
Exhale: Musty, woody, earthy, meaty, cakey, sweet

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: GMO x Rootbeer

Bred by: Skunktek x MeanGenefromMendocino @skunktek @meangenefrommendocino

Grown by: Undisclosed

Terpene Profile: Unknown

GMO Rootbeer Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Hey what’s up everyone? It’s finally Friday! I’ve been a little busier than normal this week but I wanted to get you the GMO Rootbeer I received from Jewswhoinfuse a little while back when I received the Haze and Gary P. This is a cultivar I’ve seen floating around a lot over the past 6 months as well as been on the lookout for. Once harvested, Jewswhoinfuse hit me up immediately for my take on it peaking my excitement. I was informed this cultivar came about as a result of a collaboration between Skunktek and MeangenefromMendocino. The grower is undisclosed on this one but that might be subject to change. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts!

The GMO Rootbeer was gifted in a black lidded mason jar the same way the other offerings were from Jewswhoinfuse. When I cracked the jar open, I gained a GMO-like nose with a spicy garlic funk to it. This also contained a mix of earth and pine aromas. The aesthetics this cultivar displayed were breathtaking as forest green hues met with violet and darker purple ones. The triche coverage made the GMO Rootbeer look like a crystal ball entangled with darker orange pistils. The colas were massive, lanky with a flaky texture that consisted of a mild density. Quite honestly, the structure of each bud reminded me of what GMO looks like but with a purple colorway. When held in hand, the buds left a slight residue behind as well as a bunch of kief particles. Breaking them up (preferably by hand) resulted in a very decent yield exhibiting a mild ginger odor in the process reminiscent of its Rootbeer parent. The dry pull on the joint consisted of a a gingery pine taste with a slight musty funk to it.

When I sparked the GMO Rootbeer in an organic RAW, the initial inhales stated with an earthy tone complimented with a distinct grape taste. On the way out, the taste possessed a musty, woody like finish combining with an odd meaty/cakey cross of terps. The overall terp profile was bizarre but displayed a fair amount of GMO-like characteristics. As the sesh went on, the meaty taste became a little bit more cakey as the exhales put out a sweet aftertaste that intertwined with those musty terps. The GMO Rootbeer resulted in a paper-mâché white ash with a pretty thick terp ring circled around the joint. The pulls were smooth, however, I didn’t draw an overwhelming amount of flavor throughout the sesh. I definitely honed in on some more gassier inhales at certain points but not as much as I would expect from this cultivar. I did experience faint notes of ginger on some inhales although I really had to focus in on it. The flavor remained in tact down to the wire on the joint smoking similarly to a lighter version of GMO with sharp musty terps remaining until the sesh was finished. Overall, the smokability was clean on the GMO Rootbeer making this cultivar a smooth offering. I think the flavor could’ve of been a turned up a notch higher but was enjoyable nevertheless.

The medicinal effects of the GMO Rootbeer were on par with the experiences I’ve had seshing with regular GMO. This cultivar was a moderate couch locker with effects first sitting in around half to 3/4 of the way through the sesh. As my eyes became super red and teary, a slow melting sensation engulfed the full body leaving me in a very upbeat and cheerful mood. After 20 more minutes or so, my body felt completely melted, relaxed and carefree. Indeed, this was a couch-locking type high, as mentioned, although I didn’t necessarily felt glued to my seat. Still in tact was my perception as well as train of thought, however; my mobility was another story. About an hour into this one, I felt at ease and still exhibited a strong sensation of eurphoria over my body starting from the ground up. The effects on this were way more potent than the smoke was as this lasted (give or take) around 2 hours. Given the full-body sedation, as well as melting feeing, I would say it’s a safe bet to reserve this for night or weekend use. Personally, I thought the effects were favorable on the GMO Rootbeer which, in turn, did not let the cultivar’s aesthetically gifted look go to waste.

After having the chance to try GMO Rootbeer for the first time I thought it did the job. There really isn’t anything negative I can say about the presentation of the bud as everything seamlessly came together on the buds overall appearance. The medicinal effects also checked the box as this seemed to more along the lines of a heavy indica night smoke which will satisfy those looking to become more relaxed and carefree. I also believe this cultivar served as a good mood stabilizer and will help assist anyone who needs spirit boost. One thing that lacked on this just a bit was the flavor. While I did receive some familiar and unfamiliar tastes within the terp profile, I personally felt the overall flavor could’ve been a little more robust. At the end of the day, this was still was another solid offering by Jewswhoinfuse team which, as always, is served in generous proportions. I should have the Stardawg up for review next week which is also from this team.

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Check out more reviews by @toptierterpsma on Instagram! (

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